of regret

the bassinet rocks softly dangling from the edge of a cliff at the edge of nowhere where nothing is what it seems nowhere is as close as the emptiness in the center of a heart the wind howls loudly causing small cries to join the choral wonder of banality sundered from the wet lips of […]

cast aside

cast aside eyes of subtle devotion evocative orbs of slain lovers spread across the fields of glory like baubles from the vending machine of half lived declarations spent like brass shells strewn on the heartshit dagger of monstrous regret softly whispered virginal oaths rent from half formed vocal chords to bandy just under audible lucidity

amber regret

the glass of amber whiskey reflects the flickering candle with the promise of dulling the ache of filling the emptiness of quieting the doubts he stares out the window at the traffic on the road bitter at his lack of destination remorseful in his inaction alone the clothes tumble in the washing machine the horns […]

27 empty regret filled li(n)es

forever died in a tear soaked manifesto penned by shaking hands as the house burned to the ground around him with nary a sign of notice eternity another falsehood shouted by forked tongues to be banished to the edge of yesterday with the remains of misconstrued mumblings it is all fleeting the pain disappointment every […]

sextet of regret

Balcones Fault i’ve left my heart and soul scattered along i-35 from dallas to del rio shattered like the tectonic shifts as my emotional stability was fracked in hopes of mining precious commodities * Fractured you opened things inside of me made me think there was a chance at something more but it was me […]


wrecked and reckless a rescinded reminiscence a view of ridicule through the reticule of rose tinted remorse

the world keeps moving

the cat sits watching as the mouse stares at the cheese the dog looks at the cat the spider happily weaves in the candle’s waning light a bird builds a nest in the thick bush just outside while the squirrel scurries a chill begins to settle as the moon shines down on all he sits […]

harvest moon

remember when i didn’t say i love you as i stared into your eyes under the harvest moon the stars gleaming and the wind was chilly and full of the promise of snow and how you looked at me with wide eyes as we were the only two people on the planet for one long […]

a flower a ship a forsaken

a lone flower in the heavy summer air it’s head droops low towards the ground too much for the stem to maintain a lone ship deep beneath the surface of the raging sea it’s bow broken and settled into the silt too much water for the holds to maintain a lone man at the edge […]

filled with

rancorous regret take your bitter seed and plant it in your bosom you radiate remorse yet no one seems to take the time to stop and see if they can help as you waste away the cancer of loss multiplying in your worried mind fading from sight as if a cataract has fallen over the […]