the world keeps moving

the cat sits watching
as the mouse stares at the cheese
the dog looks at the cat
the spider happily weaves
in the candle’s waning light

a bird builds a nest
in the thick bush just outside
while the squirrel scurries
a chill begins to settle
as the moon shines down on all

he sits in his chair
immune to the commotion
eyes misty with pain
his mind far away from here
lost in thoughts better left still

of warm summer days
haunted by what could have been
wildflowers and sun
filling his head with sorrow
and wishes for a new chance

and the cat watches
as the mouse’s nose twitches
the dog’s ears perk up
and the spider grows quite still
as the candle light grows weak

the bird rests it’s head
and the squirrel finally sleeps
he sighs in his seat
and rests his head in his hands
no comfort shall come to him


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