just sorta happened

it wasn’t a shatter, it was just a gradual cracking that began innocuously no dramatic explosion into shards one day it fell apart you would expect pomp and circumstance, and all that you got was a fizzle just an innocuous crack, not even sure you were the cause, it may have happened years before extraneous […]

exceptional charade

the world was killing her incrementally day by day a little at a time carving off little bits of her and it killed me to watch it occur standing by helplessly wishing to help to hold her to let her know it would all be alright but i couldn’t lie to her hell i found […]

so very tired

it all falls apart eventually the entropic laws of the universe how many words can one pour out into a universe that doesn’t notice them at all how many dreams have to not materialize how many hopes can be dashed upon the rocks of the shore how many before you hang your pen up and […]

flecks of paint

the paint on the wall is peeling coming off like scabs faded colors litter the ground like the final weeks of autumn right before the frost covers the ground every morning hoars frost turning the now naked trees into ice sculptures but not in here in here the paint falls in clumps of lead based […]

circling round the drain in search of better tomorrows

drifting around the drain the whirlpool of emotional dismay centrifugal forces and insecurities in a sort of guerilla war frame of mind hiding under twigs from oncoming enemy tanks ghili suit of unsent of messages half formed email dysfunction like so many discarded post it notes of longing lingering dossiers militarized pheremones half truth melodramas […]


the cyclical nature of heroes and forerunners is a tangled web folk lore idols become messy caricatures and ultimately cast aside in favor of more flattering new age inspirations samuel clemens was the greatest story teller on the planet friends with tesla and reknowned for his wit born in the golden age of true americana […]

1332, words

the putrid stench worked it’s way into every crack and crevice of death and misfortune as if a portal to hell were opened and out seeped the smell of endless torment eyes water gag reflex engages cramping it pervades all it comes in contact with desperation and loneliness a cologne made with distilled heartache and […]