heavy handed

my life feels like the lyrics to a tom waits album left in the garbage bin because it was too hard to relate to just the memory of his rasping voice calling out to the gutters where the drippings of famine and family once supped a punk rock version of cardstock with safety pinned pinings […]

death defying heretic

i felt the heat before i saw the flame, the sweat evaporating off my skin before it had time to bead up heard the whistle of the blade before i saw the flash of steel, coming for my throat in a deadly arc smelled the ozone before i heard the crackle, the purplish after image […]

bad brains

he glared stared seemed to be memorizing me from across the room it weirded me out a lot he had those crazy eyes that didn’t seem to focus but beared down like toxic sludge i was uncomfortable then he headed my way barreling like a locomotive i braced for the incoming impact he stood two […]

new york circa eighty two

unrelenting uncompromising an ostentatious display of vulgarity an assault on everything you hold dear devastating in compass sublime magnification of destruction pimps and poets whores and hardcore frozen vignettes of wanton death and decay new york circa eighty two pma – positive mental attitude spinning your wheels in impotent teenage angst and rage play fast […]