notes, words

following the chord progression, singing along to my depression, my former flame of obsession

the staccato drums and gently lifting horns, bass driving the mix, stunted and undertonal dissonance

beauty in the beat, safe harbor in the lyrical longing, a reflection of my own dismissive drone

reverb echo chamber smooth, soothe the savage bestial moans, ravage my aural spectrum, escalation, depreciation, deprivation, prolonged exposure to double bass serenades

shoe gaze, post rock, prepubescent noise, psyche, stoner, doom and blackened pop

a note for every mood, a tone for every brooding subjugated pronoun, mispronounced nuance and unsustainable joy

poetic sustenance

starving for more, living on less, listening like a recovering addict

not recovering, relapsing, relaxing, readjusting to retention, more more more

subtle silence, sycophantic songs of symbiosis, a synopsis on sorrow, a succinct separation of down and getting down, of being down and rising up

musically speaking somewhere between baroque and mumble rap, between Elvis and angeldust, summarizing death, deaf and Kim Deal

consume more and more until that perfect song that sums up exactly where i am, where am i

am i



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