i entered the club with a secret knock on the bannister in the hall, shave and a haircut

the dour hatchet faced man that stood like a pile of stones stared at me as i passed him

i nodded and went to the bar, the girl behind smiled at me and got my order without words

the sound of brass and percussion filled the room like the fog of smoke that permeated the air

i took my glass of gin and threaded the crowded room to a table near the stage as the house lights dimmed

the music faded and all talking ceased when the spotlight began to shine on the black curtain

my heart beat hard and fast like the conga drums i knew would be flaring to life any second

as the curtain parted all thought left my mind, she stood there and all else was forgotten

a black dress that sparkled like the night sky as every light was drawn to her

her sweet cherry lips and dark brown eyes all that mattered in the world

she sang but i couldn’t hear anything over the thundering of my heart in my ears

she danced off the stage and around the tables of sweaty men and jealous dames

and when she got to mine she sat demurely on the edge and grabbed my tie and pulled me close

singing just to me for the greatest moment of my life, leaning closer and closer, her long hair brushing my face

then she grabbed my drink and emptied it in one long gulp, eyes never leaving mine once

she smiled and i would have done anything she asked at that moment

lost in the jazz and smoke and wonder of her, she finished her song and gave a curtsey and as the curtain closed i stood

nodded to the bruiser by the door and made my way out into the city night

dancing down the street with visions of those beautiful orbs burnt into my brain

i’ll be back tomorrow night, and the night after, and every night after, so long as i can see her

until tomorrow’s show, i’ll dance with her in my dreams, one day maybe i’ll get that kiss


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