skimming the tops of the clouds during early morning flight, naked and glittering with moisture, the occasional ray of light sending spots across vision

it’s a dream, must be, the blanket is off, the fan is blowing, laying in superman flight and skating the tender blue above and fat gray promises of rain just below

the feeling of moving so fast, too fast, as if not moving at all, finding the same speed as the rotation of the globe and instead being frozen in place

never getting closer to my destination, never closer to

clouds are puffs of water vapor, the rational mind knows this as fact, the sleeping mind curls up on one and luxuriates in the velvety softness

the tingle of high voltage arcing across bare skin, little crackles of violet dancing, spasming to a rhythm of the juke box in my brain

don’t care if you love me, don’t care if you don’t, i don’t really care anymo-oh-oh-ore, i gave you everything

last song listened to echoing as the cloud seeks to cover me in a three sixty panorama of comfort and tingles, forming a jacob’s ladder running up and down my legs as i sing

i don’t care if you come, don’t care if you go, i don’t really care anymo-oh-oh-ore, i gave you everything

the words at odds with what my mind and heart scream as this soft cocoon becomes solid sarcophagus, and i want to wake but all i can do is listen to the chorus in my head maddenly pick up volume and speed

it’s that point in the dream where you recall reality, where flight turns to fall, and water vapor cannot support a rain slick nude body and everything snaps back into dizzying physics

for a second it freezes and i wonder if this is a metaphor for falling for you, falling through the sky and fearing for my life, because you summing up my hunger and love scares the hell out of me

but i don’t really care anymo-oh-oh-ore, i’ll give you everything

and i close my eyes and ignore inertia and the now certain terminal velocity in which i plummet and take hold of the music and shift it to what i want for once, to hell with the rules

maybe you’ll find a man sized crater somewhere in the surrounding area, and down down in the bottom, i’ll be curled up happily sleeping and singing, wake me with a kiss and I’ll sing to you the whole day through


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