manic midweek mornings

it suddenly gotquietthe humof the compressorrattledbut the ambientsound ofthe waking worlddisappearedmaybe everythingand everyonesaid fuck todaycurled uprolled overextended a middle fingerto the vacancythat comes withmanic midweek morningsbut justforgot totell me. it’s nowlate afternoonand that feelingthe world around megave upthat everyoneeverythingis refrainingfrom concernseems apt. the farther ifallthe less thesensation ofthe precipitousdropregistersgiving upor justgiving inechoes the samewhen you […]


dangling the view from the edge of the cliff is divine as fingers scramble to find purchase on the tufts of brown grass a fool’s game feeling the earth give with every frantic grasp to let go to just freefall into the gaping mouth of the abyss below better than dangling at least in midfall […]

but still

a pellet appellate the grains of truth slide through the cracks in the facade of justice until it is just us blindfolded with uneven scales scaling the edge of stock photo incidentals scaly skin flaking away into the abyss of ever more ever sore from gripping obsidian glass blood flecked forever for whatever ever sore […]

head first

she crashed into me head first time froze as pieces of her passed through me incorporeal bits of one another, phantasms blending and morphing until the parts that exited were no longer the same as the ones that began a bleeding over then suddenly she was imprinted on my every cell i would never be […]

fall in

i fell into my head today and ignored the world outside i fell into my head today because all i wanted was to fall into you i fell into my head today and screamed as the walls closed in i fell into my head because i fell in love knowing it wasn’t mine i fell […]


the world paused as his wax wings slowly began to melt from the heat of the day had he flown just higher instead of heeding the false warnings he would have felt the colder air instead he sat upon a thermal and felt as the honey comb oozed down upon his shoulders and as the […]

resplendent emptiness

staring at the world through the filtered lens of the abyss, an ever spinning counter clockwise void of nothing with a shimmering black center unaware the ground beneath is slowly consumed by the unrelenting hunger, standing with locked knees and vacant adoration slipping, slipping into the end, is it falling if there is no sense […]


skimming the tops of the clouds during early morning flight, naked and glittering with moisture, the occasional ray of light sending spots across vision it’s a dream, must be, the blanket is off, the fan is blowing, laying in superman flight and skating the tender blue above and fat gray promises of rain just below […]

godspeed captain courageous

the last time was the last time in a long series of last times just another broken hearted broken promise that only promised he’d grow more broken as time passed but no matter the matters that so shook and shattered he found the strength to try try again a testament to ageless stupidity but if […]

illusion of forever

i’m not sure what i was doing the moment i realized i loved you but i remember the world stopped spinning for a second the lack of centrifugal force sent everything suddenly flying and i flew with it all cars and cows and perfect hydrogen bonded spheres of water floated weightlessly around me and i […]


i didn’t fall in love with you no it wasn’t a fall it was more being pushed pulled sucked in a tornado came from out of nowhere and grabbed me and launched me through the air i didn’t fall a portal opened beneath my feet when your words hit my brain my heart leapt and […]


been sitting ready for half an hour coiled and ready to strike the day drinking water and purifying my mind for the trauma about to come another day another disaster waiting in the wings about to face my fears of leaving the nest and falling to my death in a spiralling plummet reserved for the […]

too much too quickly too little too late

she glared angrily but i wasn’t able to see the intended victim of her evil gaze chances are it was aimed at me it always seemed either aimed at me, eventually guided towards me, or i was just the unintended victim of her need to make someone the scapegoat I ran through the list of […]