a yearning for sleep, a need to dream

i yearn to sleep in not because the five restless hours leaves me in a fog where the simplest ideas take too long to percolate down from cobwebbed brain to unmoving fingers but to wait for the sun to break forth and remove the distillate of night from the unbroken sky the thought of waking […]

i woke(a cyclical insanity of loving agony)

i woke stared up at the ceiling listened carefully to the world outside silence except for the occasional coffee can exhaust rumbling in the night i whispered my love into the dark and slept i woke heart hammering stared up at the ceiling breathing to calm the thunder in my chest i whispered my love […]

oil slicks and webbing

there is anoil slickon the coffeefractalsthat prevent my lipsfrom crackingthe amorphous shellbetween wakinginto another hellor strugglingto find solacein five minuteintervallicsleepwitherswhere dreamis an elastic bandaround rusty valvesin cardiac distress i wokelooked for yourealized exactlywhat new fuckerywas being imposedby realitythen stubbornlydrank coffeewhile glaring atthe ever brightening skyintermittentpalpatationsheartshivers tremblingover the invisiblesilken webthat connectsher wonderto my sense of awe

gurgling tar

i didn’t wake upthis morningas sleepnever managedto quite workits way aroundto my quiet hell lost in thoughtsthat spunon and onuntil the alarmblared a soundof sullen defeatinto the room i feel exhaustedbut it doesn’t quiteovertake the sorrowthat has bubbledto the surfacegurgling tarin quicksand sleepy

last moments of night

in the last moments of night when sleep calls with a lullaby pulling heavy eyelids down down down do you know i see your face that i utter your name with words of love as the pillow cradles my face that my last thought as i fall into the ink stained hallways of dream is […]


she said to me you’re gonna regret this in the morning i kept my mouth shut as i was already regretting it at that exact moment but it didn’t really matter as i am an insomniac so morning never quite comes she asked me causally how do you sleep at night knowing all of the […]

sleep time

it rests in shadow hidden from sight as your errant gaze sweeps past it unknots itself to stand towering above as you tremble patting it’s quivering belly mouth opens impossibly wide with row upon row of jagged defilement inarticulate fear becomes all you know as you stare into the the spiralling eye of death

a pox

so tired but sleeplessness is a side effect of hopelessly ensnared in you if you were here sleep would be a relief to fall into with you but without you it is moments of relentless separation the sandman creeps around my head with whispers of restless tossing and turning a phantom projection of unconscious interjection, […]

rubber duckies

i stay up all night unable to sleep then i use the sun as my pillow miss out on the whole day what in the world happened to me it used to be drinks and drugs and ladies and fun now it is a bunch of melted rubber duckies oozing down the drain


tired but sleep won’t come sleep has become a cat she wants what she wants when she wants it not a second before i’ve rattled the pillow gently called out it’s name but damn it all if i’m not ready when it calls sleep waits hidden under the chair to pounce on my head i […]


last night i was witness to a four car crash my past my present my future and what could have been thankfully the only fatality was sleep

“EELS – There I Said It”

no better way to express it if you want to be in the poet illiterate’s shoes for a moment understand why he doesn’t sleep this song on repeat in his empty head the fool lies and sings it to the ceiling when he should be resting the purity cuts into his being and rips him […]


skimming the tops of the clouds during early morning flight, naked and glittering with moisture, the occasional ray of light sending spots across vision it’s a dream, must be, the blanket is off, the fan is blowing, laying in superman flight and skating the tender blue above and fat gray promises of rain just below […]


spent the last two hours with my heart racing as i tried to convince myself i needed to fall asleep at least get a nap in i don’t know what had my mind incapable of shutting the fuck up i dozed on off more off than on brief respites i am convinced out there somewhere […]

vindr dreams

the wind rattles the glass of the window and i find it kind of funny see a window means wind eye in old norse vindr is wind and auga is eye vindauga and the wind is rattling the fuck outta the eye and i lay here tired enough to pass out yet just awake enough […]

nodding off

the thoughts of sleep and invisible stares of mouths agape and spiders spelunking all just bleached reef in the brainpan ocean, the lazy breeze of insolence and remorse, walking down the green mile with head held high solemn glares from the families of the victims watch from the viewing room the warden in a slick […]


good night world nestled in my lion blanket head pounding like ryo fukui on the keys here’s to sleeping through the night not waking ten times to the harsh light of emptiness filling the room to not remembering my dreams just floating weightlessly in the aether suspended by gossamer threads leaving this frail form a […]