nodding off

the thoughts of sleep and invisible stares

of mouths agape and spiders spelunking

all just bleached reef in the brainpan ocean, the lazy breeze of insolence and remorse, walking down the green mile with head held high

solemn glares from the families of the victims watch from the viewing room

the warden in a slick suit for slaverous hoardes outside the gates

the explosions from the flashes will light the sky like independence day

the sycophant eagerly licks his lips and smiles

the bulge of an erection in his tailored pants

“any last words”

tell her she looks beautiful when she thinks no one is looking and she absently twirls her hair

that her cocky half smile and dangerous stare made every single atrocity i committed worth it

when i get to hell i’ll just tell her myself

his hand reaches for the oversized lever for dramatic effect as is eyes follow the ticking second hand

and the phone rings

his eyes go wide in panic

“hello, yes, i see, we’re sure, okay”

and as he loosens the straps on my arms and legs he leans in and whispers

“got an angel looking over you kemosabe”

more like a demon reaping chaos

eyes open and the ceiling resumes it’s staring match and i can tell i’m winning as it grows indistinct

the acrid scent of plastic burning fills the air

i’m on my back in the middle of a smoke crater where a bank used to be

i don’t know how i know this with certainty but i do

she is huddled in a doorway across the street

a large figure emerged from the shadows around her and i see the telltale glint as the firelight gleams off a burnished blade

i scream

too late

the wall is inches from my nose

a serene cold radiates off if it

lulling me back under the ice shelf

i float just beneath the crystal floor

the moonlight so bright and the cold of the water crisp and electrifying i can see the latticework of the crystalline ice matrix

the slow moving hydrogen bond of friendship showering the wintry scene with the same rainbow glimmer a diamond gives off

is if hard enough to fracture light into a prism meteor shower

she sits demurely

the muffled orchestra plays a lilting baroque piece

a blurry faced noble offers her his hand and she accepts

i vibrate with rage and jealousy in my aquatic purgatory as they gracefully sweep across the ever thickening ice

she twirls and her skirts flow around her like the petals of a perfect bloom

the entire room enraptured by her heavy pollen spray

the ice races around my body as he gazes into her eyes and her lips softly part

she comes to me as i lay in my bed

lazily cataloguing a multiversal menagerie of glimpses of her

as i sleepily smile at her heart shaped face

the mist of sleep obscuring the room around us

she smiles back as she slips under the blanket and kisses me fully on the lips

her wetness consumes me and rapturous delight sends shivers through my entire body

and i watch in adoration as she her joints pop out of socket with sickening cracks

a fine layer of white fur covers her breasts and stomach

and her mouth elongates into a snarling maw of crooked fangs and slobbering lust

we explode together as her teeth tear open my chest

and for the briefest instant a warm joy bubbles throughout me

effervescent delight pouring through my vascular system like the soothing touch of lava

as i stumble to the restroom with practiced steps in the dark

i hear the sounds of padded paws stalking from the shadows

somewhere she is dreaming of me

as i stand listening to the loud echo as the stream enters the bowl a rustle of the shower curtain is my only warning something is terribly wrong

she pouts at me as my entire left half slides with a wet slop to the floor

my confused right side maintains balance and gives her a wry half smile before crumpling over on itself

the alarm rings out incessantly as my organs splash onto the tile floor

like dali and picasso had an acid soaked love affair on canvas and i need five more minutes to let it all settle in

“i love you” i mutter as sound becomes more pervasive

“see you tonight”

she smiles and licks the edge of her sword

savoring the viscera and unbridled passion dripping in soft plops by my unblinking eye


always the one no one ever purposefully invites to the party bangs the gavel of justice

but i have something to look forward to

a return to the land of nod

and promise of pain

the only promise life fulfills


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