he ran into the room shouting

“i’m a unicorn, bow down before my majesty”

he had fastened a gloriously floppy dildo to his forehead and was prancing about neighing at any who met his gaze

his entire body was covered in gold glitter and it rained as he spun

paper mache purple laquered hooves wrapped around his shoes and hands

hidden in a hand hoof was his phone with an app making the sound of two halves of a coconut smacking together

a neon blue mane and matching tail flicking with every step

as he came to a halt in the center of the room

flaccid cock horn bouncing

a center piece to an epic pose

some families have christmas in july

we do halloween everyday

cause the unicorn says so

the majestic bastard

ass cheeks clenched to keep the tail in

rivers of golden gleaming sweat

and treats for lucky guests

huff the cleansing ether and dance in a land of rainbow kisses and marshmallow sex dolls


where chocolate sprinkles dance atop raspberry rivers and little squares of paper can transport you to distant lands

phallic unicorns and pixies with thick fleshy wings moistly flapping

and someone turns on the stereo and sons of kemet comes out silky smooth from the toadstool speakers

immediately everyone stands and begins flailing about the cavernous monolith

time squeezes in on it’s self

the horns emit constructs of light that pulsate with percussion always just under the surface driving things forward faster and faster

the dancers are bright pastel chalk outlines on the infinte black of the walls

arms and legs moving in jerking unnatural serpentine flows

changing form fluidly

all manner of beast moving unbidden by anything but the sound

a pink dragon locked into life and death battle against a seafoam shaded manticore

icy blue venom dripping from the carapice covered scorpion tail

a school of yellow and orange striped fish form cartoon arrows and signals

choreographing the movements of free jazz post coital cuddles on a bed of moonrocks and white dwarf star condiments

a shooting star like a uniporn horn defies physics as it flops through space like an unyielding semi solid jello penis of the gods

an oily smear of cherry scented lube the only proof it ever existed

childhood memories the state cannot take away no matter how hard they try

and as they shoot voltage into his brain, as tears run down his glitter strewn cheeks he manages a smile

he’s a unicorn

bow before his majesty

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