dream tale

i dreamt in this dream i dreamt i was handed a book i frowned confused and flipped the tissue paper pages with little tchochkies attached each story was one i had only dreamed but forgotten yet as the pages turned i recalled each with vividness it was a lovely tome that turns to smoke as […]

side effects

the side effects of getting exactly what you want can be worse than the symptoms suffered before when your dreams are intangible it doesn’t feel so lonesome when they do not come true but knowing they are within reach causes the desperation to become palpable impossible to handle the crushing weightof waiting


it was a dream i dreamt and in the tangle of bedsheets slowly forgot as the world inserted it’s own brand of harsh reality into the not yet ready for the real state of mind it was before coffee before shower before cooking it was laying in a pile of muscles and fat and bones […]


i dreamt in slanted lines that ran perpendicular to reality anxious things like tentative fireflies skimming across the glassmind of slumber hawkmoths pirouette through gossamer webs as fat little spiders sit silently in anticipation the dreamcatcher drips black tar down the headboard as demons dally in delight the slanted lines of sleepsmoke wafting lazily with […]


the subway car rattles along the track as the bulbs flicker with every subtle motion he sits alone on the worn seat the entire car empty a glance down the line shows no one else in the ascending and descending cars he feels nothing empty outside the dingy windows things coalesce in the darkness eyes […]

alas to sleep

every time the call ends i feel the phantom limb of her smile upon my mind for half an hour after nothing can erase the image of her lips upon mine then the dull pain of missing her settles in alas i pray to sleep if only to see her in dream

a dreamer

i am constantly amazed that i dreamt of you for so long without knowing you were real that you danced across my mind for years if only my imagination had been able to fully capture you as you truly are instead of the fraction of brilliance i saw then i worry i might have never […]