a yearning for sleep, a need to dream

i yearn to sleep in not because the five restless hours leaves me in a fog where the simplest ideas take too long to percolate down from cobwebbed brain to unmoving fingers but to wait for the sun to break forth and remove the distillate of night from the unbroken sky the thought of waking […]

half dreamt nothings

i woke distraught at three o’clock my first thought was to murmur my love into the surrogate pillow the next three hours were spent staring at the ceiling lost in the haze of the turgidity in irreconcilable schisms in this wondrous world of half dreamt nothings the neighbor was screaming into the same void i […]

chromium tinted soulshatter

the rain falls in silver daggers cutting through the detritus of a fractured sphere neon dreamshivers cascade through mercury chemtrails illuminating the tumored expanse between rhythmic heartthunders in her chromium tinted soulshatter i scream your name in the midst of dream, seeking the salvation in your arms, falling falling falling, ever into you, the world […]


the ugly truth is i have killed some of the most beautiful dreams in my absence but never has there been a dream half as lovely as you which scares the hell out of me i don’t want to wake, but i am getting better everyday, maybe because this is one i believe in

the air was gold, your lips found mine

the street was nearly bleached out by golden light that didn’t seem to come from the sun but almost emanate from the air itself we walked together hand in hand in this yellow nimbus talking about the world around us watching the people laughing as it all seemed so silly the rush the angst the […]

pink sky

and the sky was burnished in an ethereal pink as if the dream infected it with the same flush that sweeps my cheeks as the dreammist of writhing limbs fades into an odd sort of contentment until all that remains is the hint of her satisfied smile

a march, a dream, a stag(nation)

fifty-seven years ago there was a march that led to a speech that led to a dream look how far we haven’t come since then the news reports interlaced with graphics of graphic brutality fifty-seven years ago which was one hundred years after the war which is no longer considered a dream but a nightmare. […]

a dream, a breast

i dreamt of a breast there was nothing sexual about the dream that came as i stirred from my broken slumber the great beast mistakenly rolling over but in the dream the dream in which i dreamt of a breast i was holding her she was pressed tightly against me skin on skin her hair […]

tranquil conspiracy

sepulchral manuevers beneath the distilled desire laid carefully like floorboards upon the matrimonial suite dreams languishing in the ebon tides of woe. a diamond a thorn a droplet of crimson on the freshly fallen ash of winter’s lamented beguile. it was in her laughter i heard the call of ravens, in the cinnamon that clung […]


the vulture flies lazily above my head it’s shadow a reflection of happiness in the less than stellar residuals of blank horror. come pick my carcass clean you brazen bastard just know i know you are the epitomy of dream


it was that flying dream again not the falling not yet just soaring right over the lapping waves the storms off in the distance weightless painless thoughtless the wind wrapped around me like a funeral shroud a teeter a totter as physics begin to take hold but i choose to forget the thereafter lying awake […]


i have given up on dreams because for a brief moment i had tasted reality and the hollow moments after waking are just shards of glass driven deep into the third eye of hope an instance of the cure exacerbating the disease

dream starved

bipolar resonance in a dusty sphere of shadow cobwebbed distress filters the vibrancy of light into the darkness of depressive detour there was a boy who never spoke for fear of being seen hidden in the remnants of wonder clouded with the pungent scent of fear there was a girl trapped in the aether between […]

(un)titled desert

i dreamt a dream of swirling sands of thirst of crawling across the arid land in dire need of something undefinable primal necessary yet incomprehensible she shimmered like an oasis a cool drink of water in the middle of desolation where cracked bloody lips spilled lines of poetry lost in the vast dunes of forever […]


feeling like another abandoned dream on the side of the rural road between wholesome and winsome watching life turn to ash blowing through the trees on another bench in the center of nowhere it was me it was me it was me then it wasn’t in a flash it just wasn’t left to rot like […]

old man hank laughing at the fool

hank had the race track to fall back on even if he had shit luck he had the redhead fried chicken debussy on the stereo wine in a glass a cigarette clenched between often angry lips he quit the post office to follow his dream of being a poet seems you could do that kind […]

dream tale

i dreamt in this dream i dreamt i was handed a book i frowned confused and flipped the tissue paper pages with little tchochkies attached each story was one i had only dreamed but forgotten yet as the pages turned i recalled each with vividness it was a lovely tome that turns to smoke as […]

side effects

the side effects of getting exactly what you want can be worse than the symptoms suffered before when your dreams are intangible it doesn’t feel so lonesome when they do not come true but knowing they are within reach causes the desperation to become palpable impossible to handle the crushing weightof waiting


it was a dream i dreamt and in the tangle of bedsheets slowly forgot as the world inserted it’s own brand of harsh reality into the not yet ready for the real state of mind it was before coffee before shower before cooking it was laying in a pile of muscles and fat and bones […]


i dreamt in slanted lines that ran perpendicular to reality anxious things like tentative fireflies skimming across the glassmind of slumber hawkmoths pirouette through gossamer webs as fat little spiders sit silently in anticipation the dreamcatcher drips black tar down the headboard as demons dally in delight the slanted lines of sleepsmoke wafting lazily with […]


the subway car rattles along the track as the bulbs flicker with every subtle motion he sits alone on the worn seat the entire car empty a glance down the line shows no one else in the ascending and descending cars he feels nothing empty outside the dingy windows things coalesce in the darkness eyes […]

alas to sleep

every time the call ends i feel the phantom limb of her smile upon my mind for half an hour after nothing can erase the image of her lips upon mine then the dull pain of missing her settles in alas i pray to sleep if only to see her in dream

a dreamer

i am constantly amazed that i dreamt of you for so long without knowing you were real that you danced across my mind for years if only my imagination had been able to fully capture you as you truly are instead of the fraction of brilliance i saw then i worry i might have never […]

ill suited

the problem with dreams is waking alarms sound pain flares there is always something to ruin the placid state of reverie reality truth words if i could remain sleep walking for five more minutes not have this bubble burst to fall silently to the earth i will gladly accept the impact maybe the great poets […]

cyclical nature of ever expanding distance

dream turns to waking waking turns to dream sleep turns to confusion in a broken kind of state rain slicked neon streets an alley in my mind each step brings my goal one step farther away let the lightning strike me the thunder shake my very core one foot in front of the other ever […]

cuore della luna

she sleeps on a silken bed in the heart of the moon i stare into the sky to catch her errant dreams anything to be part of her mindscape even as a spectator faceless behind the scenes art by me


the wind blows off of the calm ocean she rocks on a hammock between two palm trees a plate of cucumbers and celery on the small bamboo table as the dolphins play on the waves she smiles with a face of serenity a smile that makes the world brighter for witnessing it does she see […]


whisper your dreams let me catch them in this burlap satchel to spread the seeds as i drive across the city every fantasy wish and hope tenderly cared for in groves up and down the dirty streets i have never been a gardener but i will ply a new trade to see the vastness of […]


she sends chemtrails racing through the embers in her eyes across time sonically harmonic in the ratio of permission to permitted staring into the device basking under ultraviolet skies lost in a lover’s embrace of fiery desire to sleep to behold her ravishing beauty while the body languishes


ever since i read the eyre affair i have wanted a pet dodo last night i dreamt we had a little farm where we grew vegetables had a pet alpaca and two dodos that waddled around one had green feathers the other lavender they weren’t great pets but they were ours and you looked lovely […]

(un)titled retired dream

i always dreamt of hosting saturday night live the thrill of yelling live from new york it’s saturday night at the opening i would do a funny monologue about what an honor it is to be hosting the show while the band smiles behind me and nods the rapid changes of clothes, my bald head […]


the main issue with having dream become reality is the uncertainty of the world around you the margins are mobile, the colors seem to ignore the lines, definitions become defeatist delineation yet the ache remains, from temple to the top of the skull as the clouds threaten rain the pollen and pollution coat the tongue […]

lucid waking

fell asleep to thoughts of you that became dreams of you that became waking up to the sound of your voice in a way i am unable to differentiate dream from waking waking from falling blissfully asleep what a strange sensation never knowing not caring as bleed over becomes one set of wonder to another […]

she (is)

across the foamy waves on a continental divide of it’s own lies the one in which i dream as close as a whisper she coils herself within my chest within my mind speaks words of love that sends chills rippling along my being she is persephone she is aphrodite she is my goddess my every […]


i dreamt last night in this dream i dreamt i was suffused with light glowing like the sun bursting at the seams i woke hurriedly scribbled the thoughts as the last word was written the power went out as if my expenditure was enough to blow the grid last night i dreamt after dreaming the […]


i woke from a dream reached over for you but alas that was the dream i could feel the impression of where your body had laid soundly in the dream but your scent did not linger nor did your heat remain on the sheets so now i close my eyes seeking to find you again […]


this hotel bed is too big, without another in which to share it a cloud one that doesn’t feel right alone i will clutch my pillow, pretend it is Her, the fool lost in dream when i awake, with Her scent still in my mind, the phantom feel of Her lips, Her skin pressed close […]

a day

it’s a day for quiet contemplation and skull crushing pain an average day one where the birds are muted, the sky is bright, the wind blows foreign scents across the land it is a day for dreamers, lost in the heady notes of what will be it’s a day for subtle sublimation, returning to a […]

this time

he is curled up in a ball he knows what is coming but he always imagines it is going to be different this time this time it is going to be a clown making balloon animals it is going to be acrobats twirling by their teeth twenty feet in the air he will go to […]


did i dream of wildflowers spread across the silken sheets, of tangled limbs, fevered oaths of forever or beady eyed stares, evil intents, dastardly desires hidden in the shadows beneath the barely standing bed creaking springs and terrible things or lustful yearnings with tantalizing need it all blends together six of one means half a […]

a visitor

did you know you were in my dream last night after i had thought i was done being possessed by the spirit of your touch yet i closed my eyes and your soft footsteps entered my mind again do you recall how you initiated it you hoped for a night of pleasure but as i […]


woke up in suddenly freezing abode after nearly eleven hours of fighting dreams, nearly mummified in twisted blankets my knuckles are sore, cracked and bleeding, my muscles are screaming, my voice has gone hoarse from screaming for you there is pomegranate juice spread across my chest, sticky and sweet smelling, the black grit of crawling […]

sextet of regret

Balcones Fault i’ve left my heart and soul scattered along i-35 from dallas to del rio shattered like the tectonic shifts as my emotional stability was fracked in hopes of mining precious commodities * Fractured you opened things inside of me made me think there was a chance at something more but it was me […]

black and lilac

it was a dream i know it was a dream the kind of dream you don’t want to tell people about the kind that stays with you the kind that fades and fades all day but there is a sliver that eats at the back of your head that grinds down on you it was […]

desperate drifting

i dreamt of you again in this dream i dreamt we lay tangled together in the sheets all i recall was not of our passion before but my fingers gently dancing along your stomach as our lips drank one another when i woke it was with frantic need to fall back into that moment to […]

deep down at the bottom

blame my impatience in my utter disdain for the person i was to the one that i am to who i want to be in the not so distant future how do i wait for the next evolution when every bitter tear falling is tainted by lies i desperately need to believe it isn’t as […]


one day i would like to make my living off of the words that sing songs in my empty head all day rather than barely survive with the words being my only companion

(un)titled foolishness

i dreamt you were my happier ever after silly isn’t it me ending up with you unpossible really but it was one of those nice dreams the kind you wake up from with a grin and an ache in your chest when you realize nah it was just a stupid dream


wrapped myself in a cocoon of pain and misery, the ugliest caterpillar turning into the strangest moth writhing in the blanket chrysalis, begging for an end, a halt, a moments peace from the nails driven into soft flesh in this moment of singular despair even the words left me, my constant companions, they swept from […]


he dreams in those dreams he flies soars he is free it isn’t until he wakes reality crushes him to the earth but he dreams still


when i was a kid i wanted to wiggle my ears like fozzy the bear eventually i figured it out as an adult i want to learn to pull the tears back in to retrieve the words spoken in haste and anger all the false statements of forever but that is just a dream so […]

dream words

i read somewhere that poems aren’t worth the paper they are scribbled on maybe it was me in a dream one of those dreams the kind where i do nothing but write the vacantness of it i never recall what i wrote in those dreams i dream of writing probably just blank sheets maybe dream […]

fade from view

can you remember me like a ghost in a photograph half in frame yet out of focus you should i dreamt of you and in that dream we sat and laughed as the seagulls circled the beach do you recall what i said to you on that dream beach no it’s okay maybe you misremember […]

a dream, reality, a plea, a wish

do you ever dream that you and i lay in bed and drift off to sleep taking comfort together lost in love, in something more this world only takes but i still have more to give in your eyes i see reflections of want and need we could be the stuff of dreams things get […]

color on the bayou

my sleep was filled with hanging moss and willows weeping into the lazy river winding in the back it was a black and white southern gothic syrupy accents and barely concealed tension behind an affluence of manners biting sarcasm you were there you and i were the only ones without accents, the only ones that […]

longing (villanelle)

lucid dreams in which you’re near bending laws of time and space wishing just for you to be here the lies of fate seem all too clear like the lines upon my face lucid dreams in which you’re near doubts with ugly heads that rear of futility in which i need to chase wishing just […]

surely would

the bible says man gave a rib to make woman i’d give another rib to have you here, in front of me, to just whisper my eternal love to you i would use my tears to moisten the clay beneath me so i could sculpt an effigy of you to show my devotion but my […]


and as the world crumbles down around us all i can wish for is to feel your hand upon my cheek your lips on mine to gaze into your eyes as it turns to ash there could be no greater way to go my sweet lost love you were the most wonderful dream in a […]

i’ll be the rabbit

did i tell you i dreamt of you last night no how could i we don’t really talk i would have though in the dream i was back up north a place we have never been not together at least i went to the bar that i always went to and remembered falsely you went […]


bananas have tryptophan and trace amounts of radioactive potassium if i eat twenty five million bananas and the radiation and consumption don’t kill me i could gain superpowers or sleep throughout the night either or is a best case scenario am i willing to go to such desperate measures when i close my eyes i […]

what more

i stayed up last night staring at the ceiling lost in thought, eyes heavy with precipitation just at the edge of falling, gathering up on my cheeks like dew what more could i do i’d like to say i fell asleep and dreams of you danced inside my head, but the ceiling was so alluring […]


i came to the realization today the wide open eye, breath choking in my throat, sweaty palm conclusion i’m dying it’s fine i’ve accepted it one of these days instead of angrily opening my eyes and muttering a hearty fuck you to an uncaring world i just won’t the poems will stop everything else will […]

“Beck – Fix Me” and a haiku stack

in my dreams you sing this song softly as we lay together in bed take my broken parts and somehow you can make them into something pure as i stroke your hair and fall farther into you and it makes me smile the world is so cold and you’re so so far away but still […]

a dream of you

i dreamt of you last night even unaware in sleep you fill my mind it seems it was cold far colder than kentucky or texas and i was wearing a hoodie and jeans which struck me as odd because it was too cold for such a light jacket and i don’t own denim and i […]


i feel like a balloon floating where ever the wind takes me not in charge of my own destiny pulled by a string in the hands of someone i cannot quite make out while buffeted by winds i’m losing helium slowly drifting down a lazy descent for such lofty aspirations if i could i would […]

with fins circling in the distance

i dreamt and in that dream i dreamt we were on the beach in front of crystal blue water and on that beach in front of crystal blue water we fed each other dates and pointed at the fins moving about in the distance stomachs full of dates and pointing at the fins moving about […]

let me drift into somber darkness

i sat on the bench outside the hotel my internment camp away from home and watched them he opened the door of the car for her and carried in all of their bags still finding a way to have his love painted across his face she beamed at him watched his every movement the glint […]

where the fool feels weary and sore

the poet illiterate is in a weird place his words keep singing but his feet don’t feel like dancing to the guilty rhythm the bare nerve endings and the onslaught of salty mist is unbearable he needs more and not more of the nothing he has grown accustomed too he tires of the same unfulfilled […]

one instance of perfection

my favorite color is candlelight reflected in your eyes playing across your retina my favorite scent is you after a long day and coming in to your embrace my favorite sound is your heartbeat racing as we lay together my favorite taste is the salt on the side of your neck as i pull your […]

you and you and me and her

it was a dream i was there and you were there and you were there and she was there and you can fill in the who and what’s as we go i was a spoiler god but not capital g god but a god god and she was always off screen but i was searching […]

nodding off

the thoughts of sleep and invisible stares of mouths agape and spiders spelunking all just bleached reef in the brainpan ocean, the lazy breeze of insolence and remorse, walking down the green mile with head held high solemn glares from the families of the victims watch from the viewing room the warden in a slick […]


i need cell service, no bars, stem research on hold, insane in the membrane wall, leaking into the plasma, prism, prismatic, shine my light across the spectrum, ultra violent to infractional read boredom, my kingdom of couch worship and empty nest introspection is this a dream the hallways of my mind seem drafty, dusty, cluttered […]

keep em coming

it was a dream had to be i walked into the nearly pitch black bar with a terrible thirst smoke filled the air that song i really like by sturgill played on the jukebox “they call me king turd up here on shit mountain, if you want it you can have the crown” i was […]

workman’s lament

i wonder if one day i’ll hang up my work boots never to wear them again me and my comfortable vans from then on out or will i be that old angry man barely able to tie my boots or bend over without pain dreaming of retirement that will only come with a box in […]


good night world nestled in my lion blanket head pounding like ryo fukui on the keys here’s to sleeping through the night not waking ten times to the harsh light of emptiness filling the room to not remembering my dreams just floating weightlessly in the aether suspended by gossamer threads leaving this frail form a […]

and the world kept turning

i had a dream, not like martin had a dream, no, mine was distinctly less profound i was sitting on an old couch with torn cushions and cigarette burns and hank was there with a bottle of beer hammering away on the typewriter and cursing the horses that always came up lame an overflowing ashtray […]


it always comes back to the woman with hair that smells of wildflowers the nymph the siren the enchantress the devil in stockings with that round ass and her nose always in the air some nights i spend cursing the world for daring give birth to the foul demoness all the scary tales whispered around […]


this is her world i’m merely a figment in it a fantastic phantasm another poltergeist to rattle the silverware the splinter in her mind’s eye incorporeal make me a real boy and we can go down by the creek and scare the fish away give me limbs with which to caress you lips to whisper […]

so very tired

it all falls apart eventually the entropic laws of the universe how many words can one pour out into a universe that doesn’t notice them at all how many dreams have to not materialize how many hopes can be dashed upon the rocks of the shore how many before you hang your pen up and […]

who can say

my love for you is the epitome of simpler times I love you like saturday morning with a bowl of cereal and cartoons like the rooster crows and the farm comes to life i love you like turning sixteen and driving down country roads with the music too loud free at last i love you […]

winds of time

if i had telekinesis i would bring you close to me your every whim would float to your waiting hand i would move mountains to make your view of the ocean clear if i had pyrokinesis i would burn down the obstacles between us your fears would be burnt away before your pretty eyes i […]

but a man can dream

she wore a mask not a metaphorical mask but a harlequin mask with feathers and glitter it was a pale blue like the spring sky after the gray snow clouds finally leave for the season or maybe it was like the spring sky when you think the snow clouds have gone but they have one […]

lonesome poet blues

i’d cross this entire country get my passport stamped around the globe wear holes in my trusty vans just to catch a glimpse of your lovely smile i’d write a thousand poems ink them in my own blood on billboards down the winding highways graffiti the mona lisa with your name just to let you […]