i have given up on dreams because for a brief moment i had tasted reality and the hollow moments after waking are just shards of glass driven deep into the third eye of hope an instance of the cure exacerbating the disease

dream starved

bipolar resonance in a dusty sphere of shadow cobwebbed distress filters the vibrancy of light into the darkness of depressive detour there was a boy who never spoke for fear of being seen hidden in the remnants of wonder clouded with the pungent scent of fear there was a girl trapped in the aether between […]

(un)titled desert

i dreamt a dream of swirling sands of thirst of crawling across the arid land in dire need of something undefinable primal necessary yet incomprehensible she shimmered like an oasis a cool drink of water in the middle of desolation where cracked bloody lips spilled lines of poetry lost in the vast dunes of forever […]


feeling like another abandoned dream on the side of the rural road between wholesome and winsome watching life turn to ash blowing through the trees on another bench in the center of nowhere it was me it was me it was me then it wasn’t in a flash it just wasn’t left to rot like […]

old man hank laughing at the fool

hank had the race track to fall back on even if he had shit luck he had the redhead fried chicken debussy on the stereo wine in a glass a cigarette clenched between often angry lips he quit the post office to follow his dream of being a poet seems you could do that kind […]

dream tale

i dreamt in this dream i dreamt i was handed a book i frowned confused and flipped the tissue paper pages with little tchochkies attached each story was one i had only dreamed but forgotten yet as the pages turned i recalled each with vividness it was a lovely tome that turns to smoke as […]

side effects

the side effects of getting exactly what you want can be worse than the symptoms suffered before when your dreams are intangible it doesn’t feel so lonesome when they do not come true but knowing they are within reach causes the desperation to become palpable impossible to handle the crushing weightof waiting