a dream of you

i dreamt of you last night

even unaware in sleep you fill my mind it seems

it was cold

far colder than kentucky or texas

and i was wearing a hoodie and jeans

which struck me as odd because it was too cold for such a light jacket

and i don’t own denim

and i was ice skating across a pond of the purist blue

going faster and faster in an ever tightening circle

a look of pure joy on my face

as i approached the center of the pond i nearly fell over in amazement

the middle was a perfect sphere of bottomless



but inertia had me going and all i could do was duck low and speed up as i approached

and the earth began shaking

i found myself no longer on a flat plane but slowly going vertical

suddenly i was falling

and as i looked in panic for an answer to the drop

i was floating

and the pond was no pond

but a beautiful eye

and as i spun lazily in zero gravity

it was you i was gazing upon

and you smiled

a smile the size of a field

and i smiled nervously back

what is it you want

i just stared at this statuesque monument to perfection in front of me

what do you mean

a wry look at my question in answer to a question

what is it you want from all of this

i thought about it

if i were the same size the easy answer would be one kiss

if i were close to the magnitude of you it would be one day to convince you to fall in love with me

but i bit my lip and stayed silent

these words would only face ridicule or rejection

i’d be content to float by you, a part of your orbit

and the eye that consumed me grew wide

that’s all

i choked down the words inside and shrugged

it’s enough

i knew you didn’t believe me

could see through me

but i silently begged you would take me at face value and not question to deeply my words

and then alarm went off

and i never found out if you said yes or called my bluff

did you see the love in my eyes

did it matter

now i’m cursed with wakefullness and a wish to hear your answer

to have been made big enough to kiss you once

worthy enough to stand by your side

or at least

float happily

drawn into your pull and capable of loving silently

the issue with dreams

is you never quite know

but i long to fall back into it

into you

for five more minutes of peace

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