a march, a dream, a stag(nation)

fifty-seven years ago
there was a march
that led to a speech
that led to a dream

look how far
we haven’t come
since then

the news reports
with graphics
of graphic brutality

fifty-seven years ago
which was
one hundred years
after the war
which is no longer considered
a dream
but a nightmare.

i have a dream
where we all
just mind our own business
live life as happily
as we can
share this tragic
human condition
knowing that no matter
the shade
the skin is temporary
the ache is forever
there is no reason
to step on another
to elevate yourself

it hasn’t gotten
just more

fifty-seven years ago
a man spoke
about a dream
a great man
who gave many more speeches
being taken
too early

the world needs
more dreamers
even if it has been proven
dreams seldom
if ever
come true

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