woke up in suddenly freezing abode after nearly eleven hours of fighting dreams, nearly mummified in twisted blankets

my knuckles are sore, cracked and bleeding, my muscles are screaming, my voice has gone hoarse from screaming for you

there is pomegranate juice spread across my chest, sticky and sweet smelling, the black grit of crawling my way from the underworld beneath torn nails

ambrosia drips down my cheeks, across swollen lips from blackened eyes, wildflowers haunt my waking moments

the poison that runs through me for now bleeds for you, my goddess from across the misty realm of dream and reality, your visage swimming in shattered silence

i beg you, come to me, tend these wounds, my love has become the hydra, for every head of blossomed adoration cut off, two more spring forth from acidic denial

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