who can say

my love for you is the epitome of simpler times

I love you like saturday morning with a bowl of cereal and cartoons

like the rooster crows and the farm comes to life

i love you like turning sixteen and driving down country roads with the music too loud

free at last

i love you like when the house lights go off and the first notes ring out into the crowd

like the curtain moving as they come out for an encore after three hours of non-stop songs you love

but they saved your favorite for now

i love you like the worker bees gathering pollen for the queen

because you are one

like tesla standing in the middle of an electrical current

i love you like the last day of school

like prom morning

i love you like star wars when han flies in at the last second and hits vader’s tie fighter

went a little geeky there

but it stays true

i love you like inspiration springing forth to da vinci

like the thought of you is why mona lisa smiles

i love you like the sun loves the nile delta

like the wind loves dandelion fluff

i love you like you exist

like you aren’t just a dream

but a red blooded woman

i love you like alexander loved conquering

like cousteau loved exploring

i love you like the water loves the shore

like the moon loves the sun

like the sun loves the moon

how the moon relfects the light of the sun

i love you like when you see your child for the first time

just knowing you would lay on a sword to keep them safe

that’s how i love you

like winter loves summer but is always a season apart

like fall loves the spring

and i wish you were real

that you loved me the same

that you weren’t just a mirage shinmering on the empty road

that you were here and you were now

but one day you will be

and i will love you as described

i will hold you and shelter you from the storms

no matter how fierce

and you will never doubt it

no matter the mood

or the occasional anger

because those things are okay

they happen

but you will never look into these eyes and have room for doubt

because even when i am at my worst

you will struggle to bring out my best

and when you are at your lowest

i will carry you back up

if you were real

and i wasn’t a dreamer

we would have it all

maybe one day

who can say


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