i feel like a balloon

floating where ever the wind takes me

not in charge of my own destiny

pulled by a string in the hands of someone i cannot quite make out while buffeted by winds

i’m losing helium

slowly drifting down

a lazy descent for such lofty aspirations

if i could i would be a balloon in your hands

you could twist me into whatever form you prefer

malleable in your loving hands

but that isn’t my fate


i just float ever on

in a forest of needles and broken hearts

knowing eventually i will be punctured and race through the air to an ignoble demise

another pollutant in the ocean of life to bob endlessly on the ever changing waves

i feel like a balloon sometimes

not in control of the life i lead

wishing you would pull to safety

knowing you cannot

will not

maybe you’re unaware of the string you tied to me as i tried desperately to drift away


and as you run i stay just behind

eyes closed in the mad dash through this world of too sharp implements that can only lead to destruction

but thrilled at the chance to follow you as you move

a stupid smile on an empty head

heedless of the danger

just wanting to stay wrapped around your finger

for one more moment




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