your timidness is brazen even as your lies taste sweet. you fool me not, fair lioness dressed as though a doe you seek to deceive but your claws rake the earth. and still the fool draws closer to his inevitable end she pierces the paper thin skin breaking the fragile bones of glass

too early to be so damn late

the elevator smelled like urine with flickering yellowed tubes above dirty green linoleum beneath the empty hallways seemed like something right out of a horror film a squeaking sound from around one of the blind corners set his nerves on edge the cleaning woman smiled nicely as he swallowed the lump in his throat smiling […]


his blade slashed through the air parting the silk cutting a moonbeam her smile slashed through his heart parting his armor soothing his soul they dance hand in hand amongst the bamboo under the stars together moving in sync mind body and soul sliding between raindrops danger given form


i feel like a balloon floating where ever the wind takes me not in charge of my own destiny pulled by a string in the hands of someone i cannot quite make out while buffeted by winds i’m losing helium slowly drifting down a lazy descent for such lofty aspirations if i could i would […]

his brain is smaller than his heart

he would go to the park at sunrise and sit patiently at one of the tables within an hour someone would come up to him and ask if he wanted to play i never played chess as an only child whose dad liked to drink and mother liked to hit it just wasn’t in the […]