too early to be so damn late

the elevator smelled like urine with flickering yellowed tubes above dirty green linoleum beneath the empty hallways seemed like something right out of a horror film

a squeaking sound from around one of the blind corners set his nerves on edge

the cleaning woman smiled nicely as he swallowed the lump in his throat smiling back with a hint of madness etched in his hazel eyes

the signs led him down the corridors with no intent but to get him lost in the labyrinth

he clutched his backpack trying to figure out which of the screwdrivers could be driven into the chest of whatever would be assassin waits around the next turn

he chuckles as a bead of sweat runs down his spine alerting him to the spiking adrenaline in his system

it sure as shit is monday he whispers under his breath wondering why he didn’t stay in bed this morning and say fuck it to the entire world

he will survive this like all the other trials

most likely

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