dallas at 11:36am

she shuffles down the sidewalk in a dirty pair of slippers with smiley face socks crying softly to herself as she listens to a voice on the other end of the phone

he walks down the street with the cocky swagger of someone who has absolutely no clue about the state of affairs around him but a grin that says he doesn’t care

the three officers stand around the boy with his hands cuffed behind his back desperately trying to explain what happened even though none of them listen

his ankles are swollen in the unfastened velcro shoes that appear a size too small as he clutches his earthly possessions in a black tattered garbage bag

she passes all of it obliviously as she checks her makeup and snaps a selfie while stepping over train rails and broken bricks beneath her impossibly high heels

sirens wail in the distance as the time ticks down on his meter, the wind blows the branches of the trees as overcast skies hint at a slight reprieve from the heat

he sits in his car watching them all with fingers tapping the screen trying to get it all down before it inevitably changes shape again into a new set of distractions

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