i have always loved by the train tracks there is something soothing about the rumble rattle of them passing in the middle of the night

the fascination of the former coal fueled metal dragons crossing the landscape like blood cells following the iron arteries

the wild west was conquered by the train and telegraph the long distance between made manageable as man cast webs

now i sit in the railroad museum staring at steam whistles and tar soaked slices of an infrastructure rusted and left to decay by time

there is something romantic about a time before cellular distraction and quick flights when it was an adventure to travel

give me a one way ticket and a bar car to sit in to sip whiskey while the landscapes goes by outside the window in a blur

let the rocking of the train lull me to sleep as black cloud belch into the star filled sky above unsaturated by city lights

7 thoughts on “train

  1. I lived my life as a child a few blocks from the train tracks (probably the wrong side) every night I would hear the rumble and the whistle…..when I now find myself close enough to hear the whistle of a train from my bed at night I am taken back , it is, as you say ‘soothing’

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