a visitor

did you know you were in my dream last night

after i had thought i was done being possessed by the spirit of your touch

yet i closed my eyes and your soft footsteps entered my mind again

do you recall how you initiated it

you hoped for a night of pleasure

but as i kissed your entire body it became a weekend which became a month which became years

how many times did you convulse with your legs over my shoulders

with your legs wrapped around me

eyes locked alongside my devilish grin as you tore lines down my back

how many bruises from your teeth on my neck my collarbone my chest

we knew every inch of one another so well we could create art with the sweat upon the sheets

you swore you had never had an orgasm without mechanical aid until that weekend you screamed yourself hoarse

you kept track of them with lines of blood across my chest until you ran out of skin to carve

you called me a beast with the hundreds of marks like battle scars

did you know you entered my dream last night

can you imagine what we did

3 thoughts on “a visitor

  1. Well penned and very, very naughty. I’ve been brushing up reading ‘Writing Love Scenes by R Hall & S McCarthy’ to help me edit my current manuscript, but I have to tell you, A+++++ for your effort. Now that’s how I want to write, please keep writing, your words are inspiring.

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