a yearning for sleep, a need to dream

i yearn to sleep in
not because
the five restless hours
leaves me in a fog
where the simplest ideas
take too long
to percolate down
from cobwebbed brain
to unmoving fingers
but to wait for
the sun to break forth
and remove the
distillate of night
from the unbroken sky

the thought of waking
to a world on fire
rather than this one
of unending shadows creeping
one where the ugliness
of a day spent toiling
to fatten the coffers
of faceless bosses sitting
in glass towers staring out
at the mass of worker ants
taking mouthfuls of sugar
home to the hive
as they above guide the light
through magnifying glasses
scorching swathes of
mindless drones who want
only to rise with the sun

i yearn to sleep in
because in dream i held you
as we watched people
from our favorite bench
imagined the hopes that
makes them move with such
singular purpose towards
buildings at the far end
of the horizon where the sun
shines down with affirmation
on tired sloping shoulders
my finger tracing shapes
absent mindedly on your thigh
as new poetry sings to us
like birdsong trilling
on the warm breeze
of summer’s final kiss

i am tired from a long night
chasing dreams and waking
in the darkness where
the sun rises lazily
and i feel very unprepared
for autumn’s embrace when
my arms feel useless because
you aren’t curled up between them
yearning for one more moment
before the reality of work
crushes all semblance of hope
and those dreams fall
discarded scales of wonder
like the multicolored foilage
drifting on chill scented breeze

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