it was a dream i dreamt and in the tangle of bedsheets slowly forgot as the world inserted it’s own brand of harsh reality into the not yet ready for the real state of mind

it was before coffee before shower before cooking

it was laying in a pile of muscles and fat and bones and veins and misfiring synapses trying to cling to one more minute of you

it was the phantom kiss of dream on an unaware mind

it was legs tangled with your hair in my face your scent in my nose and warmth from skin on skin

it was lazy fingers running over soft heaven the feel of your spine your ribs your lips on my throat as you breathe deeply still not stirring from spirals i bring across every inch i can reach as you curl into the crook of my arm

the slow incremental shift as you stretch and move in closer and closer and the cocoon of us grows tighter before you spread your wings and greet the day as i hang from the branch wishing for five more minutes of you

it was a tendril of smoke drifting towards the ceiling as sleep turned to dust to scatter and the ceiling was all that greeted me as my arms realized they were empty

the need to pee the desire to fall back into the dream i dreamt of holding you at war in silent attrition on the battlefield of purple sheets and crumpled pillows

a war i slowly lost as the dreamashes found an errant breeze and all that remained was particulates in the corner of my eyes of what i wish and what i dreamt together

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