sudden onset deafness
the world
gone silent
no sound
breaks the void
of tangible emptiness
that surrounds him
as he sits
staring out
through the closed blinds
at a land
of make disbelief

6 thoughts on “disbelief

  1. Interesting how this one touched upon not just deafness but blindness as well, (and possibly some sort of perceptive or intuitive loss of faculty). Also touches upon “heavy silence”, that can be hard to break once you’ve become weaker on the inside. Relation between body and mind? Says a lot of things.

    Good work.

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    1. I hope not. Maybe more selective deafness. Trying to ignore the doubts and keep writing as I wait for someone to put out my poetry and novel.

      Land of make disbelief made me smile as i read it. Glad it spoke to someone else too.

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