this is her world

i’m merely a figment in it

a fantastic phantasm

another poltergeist to rattle the silverware

the splinter in her mind’s eye


make me a real boy and we can go down by the creek and scare the fish away

give me limbs with which to caress you

lips to whisper words into your ear

a tongue so i may taste you

feet to dance on the hot coals of your displeasure

the nerve to speak

an ettiquette of well mannered docility

i just want to swim in your wake

rub your shoulders when you are sore

stand idly by as you soar

stab into the heart of any villianous knave

spill my life blood for your morning coffee

give me form goddess

a shape pleasing to your eye

release me from this damned half life of hovering in shadow

or set me free

adrift on cinnamon scented dream wisps

where the difference between living and thriving isn’t based on fickle mood

but spins on moon beams lazily prancing in the night

take my soul

but give me something to dissipate the sullen sorrow that leeches my will

i will take anything you offer

be it freedom or death

for you are all

my dear dreary dream of kaleidoscopic technicolor heartache

i am yours

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