come to me my love
twirl your body to my song
our danse macabre
a rictus of pain and lust
the tempo drives our passion

sing to me of fire
of the slicing of the blade
crimson drops falling
your tongue across the razor
your eyes locked on mine

our lips pressed tightly
the taste of you pushing me
i’ll take all you give
and always be left wanting
you’re my greatest addiction

slice me open love
let your mouth feast upon me
lick the wounds you cause
give me all the pain you feel
hurt me deeply with your kiss

biting and scratching
don’t stop until you explode drown me, consume me
let your passion destroy me
and then do it all again

please break me my sweet
a promise of pain from you
please tear me open
there is nothing kept from you
my every dark desire

ride me, punish me
take me to the edge and stop
again and again
ignore my desperate pleas
don’t stop until exhausted

then it is my turn
to lick, to taste and to bite
until you quiver
begging me to finish it
driving my face farther in

i’ll take you so high
until you lose all control
biting your sweet lip
screaming my name to the stars
all the pleasure you can take


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