coitus insectis

we made love like star crossed preying mantises. she lovingly ripped my head off after to seal our connection. we were two bumblebees locked in midair coitus. our sudden decompression leaving my abdomen embedded. she quite disliked my musings after in the post coital glow. her fiery gaze burnt into my rotting flesh.

ashen tongue

she wore concrete stilletos a razor wire brassiere the thin line of her thong a fuse my gaze set aflame as she strutted across the room with heavy steps dripping lust hungry eyes follow the trail of ash as it traces along the curves of her gorgeous frame knowing the gray will soon be all […]

pavlov’s tongue

sweetness spills from between her legs like honey dripping from the comb a sheen of sweat gives her erect nipples a taste of salt she coats my tongue so perfectly i have a pavlovian twinge when she walks by


she said, you are more than the sum of you darkness i smiled in the shadows we danced nude among the absence, revelling in the feel of the cold upon our bodies her sin dripped like honey as her lips traced the devil deep in my hunger her limbs shook in the throes of pleasure […]


i long to be your cello placed between your legs played with talented hands your fingers gripping the rigid bow as sweet seduction sounds into the quiet room


pulled into your orbit to spin lazily affecting the tides in an effort to leave you totally soaked i would gladly drown in your depths just to taste your hidden pleasure love turns to lust turns into another way to quantify these feelings inside of us bubbling like volcanos that need to explode

speak my name

i leave footprints burnt in the ground behind me my eyes are slitted like a goat i’ll take your heart then i’ll take your soul leave nothing but brimstone when i go your every wish is my desire my desire your every dream take my hand, love don’t be worried i’ll show you pleasures you’ve […]

close the door

there was a trail of discarded clothing down the hallway torn and rapidly discarded like a hurricane had blown through a bra hung off the door knob boxers here lace lined panties there a button down shirt sans buttons following the trail of destruction led to an open door muffled moans in quiet night a […]


you look so good with sin dripping from your bloody lips sex oozing from every pore a hemlock and lust popsicle on a summer afternoon i want to lick every inch of you the angelic disguise a mirage gore me with your horns leave me bleeding out begging for more

unless you asked

i would never hurt you unless you asked then only as much as you desire but if you were a book i would break your spine with the number of times i would read you cover to cover highlighting your secret passages with shaking hands folding the corners of pages for quick access to the […]

pearl diving

sitting with my feet up craving whiskey in an effort to stop other cravings the neighbor upstairs just got home his slight frame beguiles his inability to step lightly a knock on the door i refuse to answer it is her the ex her if she can refuse a hint i can refuse her knocking […]

one night standing

she eyed me at the end of the bar one that spoke hunger with a hint of lonely saying mistakes could be made i had the bartender send her another of whatever it was she was drinking she smiled and nodded her thanks ten minutes later we are in the hallway that leads to the […]

a job well done

the words kept singing and she grew tired of my heeding their call and went to bed, angry at me, tired of being ignored it wasn’t as if i did it on purpose i just can’t leave something half done it was half an hour later when i slowly opened the door and crept into […]

first and last

1) she stared at me waiting for me to make the first move in my head i knew i should lean forward and kiss her knew it was what we both wanted all i could do was stare into her eyes 6) she pulled me down the hallway to show me the framed pictures of […]


she looked me up and down a smile on her lips let me tell you something you are a pig a real asshole you say what you want disguised as the truth as if you think it makes you better for being real it doesn’t sugar coating doesn’t make you weak would it kill you […]


come to me my love twirl your body to my song our danse macabre a rictus of pain and lust the tempo drives our passion sing to me of fire of the slicing of the blade crimson drops falling your tongue across the razor your eyes locked on mine our lips pressed tightly the taste […]


she moaned and shook on the bed of flames, lost in orgasmic shudders in the overwhelming heat, her flicking fingers fanning the fires of her ultimate desires in full fire retardant suit i watch and wish I could fall into the fire myself but this is hers, the blue flames flowing in waves off of […]

explicitly exquisite

she pushed me against the wall i let her she stared daggers directly into the soft gray matter behind my eyes she snarled a lip up put her fingernail against my throat and i felt her draw blood the anger on her face doing things to me i couldn’t put into words do you want […]

candy coated disaster

she came up to me and said she likes my ink asking if that was peppermint butler holding my arm and intently looking what’s that one buddha on the lotus i reply her shirt is tight and low cut and she is standing in a way that makes me blush a little as i get […]

i need a shower

i prefer a warm shower just slightly south of hot just slightly north of cold warm a goldilocks shower but in texas it gets so hot you never really get cold water during the summer the water from the tap is tepid at best the city sends out reports and like to brag that there […]

brunch, words

her short shorts hit the floor as she stepped through the door her pretty little foot kicked the door closed as her shirt went over her head the bra and panties didn’t match the bra didn’t last long she stood, hands on hips daring me to speak i was far too interested in the view […]

tongue tied, words

heat trailing my tongue all along your supple curves, tasting, testing your threshold for pleasure exploring every inch of your frame all the spots that make you scream slowly building the pressure until you beg for release over and again it comes when i say, not when you plead and beg full body orgasms, while […]