one night standing

she eyed me at the end of the bar

one that spoke hunger

with a hint of lonely saying mistakes could be made

i had the bartender send her another of whatever it was she was drinking

she smiled and nodded her thanks

ten minutes later we are in the hallway that leads to the restrooms

her feverish need and searching hands

her breath hot against my ear

we should get out of here she whispered and licked my earlobe which sent a shudder down my spine

we walked out nodding our that is to the bartender as she pulled me hurriedly

the fact it wasn’t my hand she tugged me along by spoke volumes to the crowd

i would have blushed if the blood hadn’t already rushed


she suggested i drive and since she made herself otherwise


it was back to my place we went

i didn’t want the drive to end

she was half undressed as a fumbled for the key to the door

she began taking my clothes off as i opened it

i was on the floor and barely able to kick the door closed as she pounced on top of me

it lasted exactly as long as she wanted it too

she controlled the tempo

slowing down if i got too close

grinding just right when she did

when she finally let me have mine and collapsed onto me

i felt the sting of her sweat on the wounds she put all over my torso

it felt delicious

do you think they had any idea

about what we were about to do, yeah probably a little hint here and there

no, that we knew each other

that we’ve been dating for a year or that you like to pretend you don’t know me and lead my out of the bar by my hard on


who cares baby


they had no idea, just figured i was the luckiest guy in town as we left


and what

are you the luckiest guy in town

damn right i am

right answer

just the truth my love

it’s still nice to hear

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