let him drown

the wordsfloatchumon the high seasdrawingthe attentionof sharks. as he simplyseeksto drownfacedown in theshallowsthe shadowsswarm. a playthingfor themisplacedaffectionsof the predatorsdressed asdamsels in distress.


in my life i have played a lot of games card video board made up pen and paper you name it but i never figured out the games people play with emotions i am a lot of things most bad but i never entered into a conversation with the express aim to toy with someone […]

one night standing

she eyed me at the end of the bar one that spoke hunger with a hint of lonely saying mistakes could be made i had the bartender send her another of whatever it was she was drinking she smiled and nodded her thanks ten minutes later we are in the hallway that leads to the […]


she asked me my name i told her confused then asked her for her’s only seemed polite she laughed and said to guess her red hair pulled back into a tight pony tail her ice blue eyes twinkling with mirth she had a severe beauty so i called her sansa she looked taken aback i […]

will over want

she stood up and stared at me i just watched unsure of where she was going with this she kept her eyes locked on mine as she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt this was not what i expected but the animalistic part of my brain howled for me i tried to not let […]

his brain is smaller than his heart

he would go to the park at sunrise and sit patiently at one of the tables within an hour someone would come up to him and ask if he wanted to play i never played chess as an only child whose dad liked to drink and mother liked to hit it just wasn’t in the […]