she asked me my name

i told her


then asked her for her’s

only seemed polite

she laughed and said to guess

her red hair pulled back into a tight pony tail

her ice blue eyes twinkling with mirth

she had a severe beauty

so i called her sansa

she looked taken aback

i was about to clarify what i meant to her

she said no one ever called her that before

it was my turn to be taken aback

she had the same features

at least in my mind

i’d thought it the moment i first saw her

she smiled real pretty and blushed when she realized i meant it

it was one of those smiles that stays with you

warms your frozen heart a bit

she asked how long i’m in town for

i felt obliged to answer with i don’t reckon i know

feeling like a cowboy talking to the school teacher

her strict posture and piercing blue eyes going through me

more lasers than eyes

intimidating and all encompassing together

it was the end of her shift

but she promised to come see me tomorrow

never got her name

when i asked again

she said she liked sansa

it was better than her real name

so i bowed my head to her and said sansa it is then

and her laughter echoed as she walked away with an extra shake to her hips

winter might be coming

but that laughter said trouble is as well

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