brunch, words

her short shorts hit the floor as she stepped through the door

her pretty little foot kicked the door closed as her shirt went over her head

the bra and panties didn’t match

the bra didn’t last long

she stood, hands on hips daring me to speak

i was far too interested in the view

perky breasts, upturned nipples hardened by excitement

her panties tight, showing off the peach like protrusion

darkened and damp

i raised an eyebrow and nodded

she raised an eyebrow in challenge

“you should have called, let me know you were coming”

“i’m not. yet.”

“let’s see what we can do to fix that then”

i picked her up and carried her to bedroom

awkwardly navigating the doorway

tossed her onto the bed and dodged the flying lacy bit

she let me know she was coming

again and again and again

brunch on a not so lazy sunday


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