the park, words

it was the middle of the night

we worked third shift together, a chance to get out of our empty homes and spend time together

she worked two jobs and didn’t sleep much but kept this one to be with me

we would go to the park next door and make out and steam up the windows most nights

this night she slept with her head on my lap

this night someone saw her head go down and called the cops

i was playing on my phone and they rolled in incognito

it wasn’t until the light shined in the window i even knew they were there

she lifted her head and blinked sleep from weary eyes at the intrusion

the cops looked embarrassed and mouthed apologies

we laughed at what they must have thought we were doing

she got a mischevious look on her face

always spelled trouble

not this time

instead she made the cops false accusations a reality

first time i ever said thank you officer and meant it


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