river on fire

a swirl of color like when a match first strikes magnesium in the open air in high school i would get stoned toss strips of magnesium into the river slivers intense lines of white flame on the moving river the same river where dusty fell through the ice when we were kids all of us […]

left sleeves

was doing some shopping a chore i despise when this mother comes around the corner in a fury she is telling her daughter if she keeps it up she’ll break her arm and in the old days there was a chance she’d have to get it removed i hid a smile the little girl said […]

gorrila killa and lonesome singing

today’s drive was about you my unaware of my existence love masked intruder’s most beautiful girl in the world sums you up to a t it says all the things i would say to you if i could whisper in your ear who am i kidding i would sing it to you in the car […]

a rough sunday

i was already in a bit of a mood last day with the kids is always a bit of rough seas today was no exception i dropped them off came home angry wrote for a bit and then it all changed and not for the better a text from my daughter half of my heart […]

she tells lies

once when i was younger not so young as to no better but young enough not to care much either i got fired from a job it was a shitty job didn’t pay well cold calling people with pre-approved credit cards and accidental death and dismemberment insurance basically scam artisting my way out of adolescence […]

an ode to chris burden, mARTyr

he stood still as his friend lifted the rifle he stood still as his wife refused to hammer the nails he lay still, naked and alone as the flames surrounded him a massive ball of entwined train tracks and desolate environmental hell he sat still and confessed his affair, love in ohio, his wife unaware […]


three years ago today i earned a new set of scars third day on a new job unfamiliar with the dangers five hundred degree plastic with too much back pressure exploded out of the nozzle unfortunately i was in the path blinked just in time to save my right eye this morning after a shower […]

darwinian delights

in an effort to increase grain yields in china the government decided the sparrow needed to be eridicated for every million sparrows killed sixty thousand would be fed so the populace set out to exterminate the flying vermin so many lives could be saved mouths fed villages brought back from the brink but it always […]

birth of a functional addict

it was a formerly red seventy two chevy nova the driver side floorboard had rusted hole that showed a dizzying view of the pavement flying by a byproduct of salty ice prevention also got the exhaust so in the middle of the winter you needed a window cracked to pull the ever present combination of […]


there’s nematodes in fresh fish parasites worms the good news is they die at one hundred forty degrees the bad news is properly cooked fish hits no higher than one thirty one twenty for the more succulent types freezing works but you lose the freshness and no matter what eating dead worms worms in everything […]

rats, words

you’ve never seen a rat not until you see one in a big city midwest or east coast preferably the damn things size of dogs and not afraid not of some piece of shit not in their alley they would rear up hiss with yellow orange teeth one night, after some debauchery more accurately in […]

1000 miles, words

our friend stole his parents bank card one summer i was poor white trash my dad’s bank card was the free drink chips from the bar and by those standards we were rich but by any other we were dirt poor the cool thing about growing up poor is you don’t know any different so […]

gato subido un arbol

my neighbor came over and knocked on my door she was frantic gato subido un arbol i knew gato my spanish is limited to mostly profanity had she said pinche joto, cabrón, blanco diablo i would have gotten the gist she grabbed my arm insisting gato subido un arbol gato subido un arbol her daughter […]

number ten extra spicy, words

i was driving down a country road it was around three in the afternoon, three hours until quitting time i was seeing double usually on a sunday i would stick with beer because of the night before hair of the dog that bit me my day had started off as usual barely poured myself out […]

acid, words

i was on acid standing in the gas station, the flourescent lights beating down with the force of a thousand suns i went in to get a pack of smokes the acid had taken hold of my mind i was never one for filtering my thoughts without altering the broken thing i was raving about […]

typical day, words

so i sort of saved a life today i mean, i did save someone, i guess there was a bus and this lady with her headphones and she was not paying attention she checked one way she checked the other way and she stepped off the curb and then the bus came flying down the […]

the park, words

it was the middle of the night we worked third shift together, a chance to get out of our empty homes and spend time together she worked two jobs and didn’t sleep much but kept this one to be with me we would go to the park next door and make out and steam up […]

last rites from Lana, words

Lana always read my garbage and corrected my misspellings she would call me and ask what i meant she editted my idiocy and made it as readable as possible always said she was my biggest fan now as i hear her voice in my head and fix my stupid slop i feel the tears on […]