number ten extra spicy, words

i was driving down a country road

it was around three in the afternoon, three hours until quitting time

i was seeing double

usually on a sunday i would stick with beer because of the night before

hair of the dog that bit me

my day had started off as usual

barely poured myself out of bed, made it to work and ordered the number ten extra spicy

ate the little red peppers to sweat out the poison of the night before

the first call rolled in as the world stopped spinning

it was trouble

my buddy calling about the juke box

code for hurry up

i raced to the bar

shot and a beer sitting there sweating in the summer heat

my dad taught me that you never leave the bar until you have bought at least one

my money was no good there

two hours of shots and beers later i got another call thirty miles away

cue to seeing double

goddess knows how i made it in one piece

walk in to see friends at the bar

another false call

another couple of hours of hard drinking

i knew then i had to clean my shit up


i had to clean my shit up later

this day has been in my head all day

instead of the booze, the headache has me seeing double

i need to get my shit together

realized i lost myself

didn’t see it coming

actively tried not to

but She owns me

i can’t see straight through the pain that has been there all day

driving with one eye closed to see straight down the country roads in my head

always towards Her

somehow the only thing that makes it better

a thousand miles from home, from a number ten extra spicy, from sweating out the poison

thought i had left it all behind

but i feel as reckless now as back then

as out of control


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