escape, words

i’m thinking about running away


just a duffle bag of fluff and my phone

guadalajara perhaps, learn acoustic guitar, become a mariachi

sneak across the boarder up north and become a lumberjack, or harvest syrup

jump in a freighter and get lost in china, eat scorpions and only speak mandarin

anywhere but here

somewhere new to be alone

light this fucking couch on fire and slowly walk through the flames

that is how i got to texas

burned down my old life and started new

this one doesn’t fit like it should anymore

the pants slip down, too tight in the crotch, too loose in the ass

the crumpled shirt needs ironed

and every t-shirt is marred by gunshots in the chest

just a couple pair of vans and sayonara to it all

make it easier on everyone

buy a used typewriter and click my way to a new horizon

go analog in a digital hell

find a new dream that is attainable instead of the same out of reach wishes

i missed my chances here in this one

a duffel bag of failure and a motorcycle through peru

get lost in the andes

set up shop at tierra del fuego

a new man, with new baggage

just a typewriter and ribbons of ink

mend the broken parts on ayer’s rock, or wake up in an opium den

cut my foot on the coral and call the sharks to feast



8 thoughts on “escape, words

  1. Aboriginal people is the oldest living on earth. They hold the ancient ways of healing. In Alice Spring where the Ayer’s Rock is, they also have the upside down trees with the nuts from the trees Aboriginal people make their arts.

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  2. Lol this is good. I love “escaping”. I have a post in draft about making my mark on each town. Leaving with just a bag, going where no one knows me. Living on room service. No plans just going. Great writing!:)

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