typical day, words


i sort of saved a life today

i mean, i did save someone, i guess

there was a bus

and this lady with her headphones

and she was not paying attention

she checked one way

she checked the other way

and she stepped off the curb

and then the bus came flying down the street

so i grabbed her and pulled her back

she went through the array of emotions

anger at my forwardness

shock at the bus a foot from her nose

she looked like a view master of feelings

they changed every couple fractions of a second

I saw my opening and stepped off the curb to cross the street when i felt a tug on my arm

she was crying

kssed me on the cheek and said i am an angel

not with these horns i replied

she said she didn’t see any horns

i just winked and crossed the road

so i guess what i am saying is

did i earn enough points today

maybe just for a streak of good luck

nothing major

true love

i don’t care about money

it isn’t my driving force

let me know

don’t make me show the horns


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