a rough sunday

i was already in a bit of a mood

last day with the kids is always a bit of rough seas

today was no exception

i dropped them off

came home angry

wrote for a bit

and then it all changed

and not for the better

a text

from my daughter

half of my heart

her mother and step were fighting

throwing things


she was scared


wanting to call the domestic violence hotline

but too afraid of reprecussions

so she begged me to do it and come get them

i raced across the city

making frantic calls to government agencies

i put on slip on shoes because i expected a trip to jail was in my future

i was shaking

near tears

set cruise control because i didn’t trust myself

adrenaline and concern bubbling up

i showed up just after the police

managed to remain calm

maia came out in tears

all i could do was hold her

dax seemed calm

which worried me more than tears

they’re with me now

we are watching cartoons

i’m trying not to smother them in fatherly over affection

i don’t know what tomorrow will bring

i don’t

i didn’t want to do any of this but i had to

for them

they have to know i will always put them first in this world

they are my only tethers

my reason

but this was a worse case scenario

if ever there has been

but i love them

and it will be hard to deal with whatever fallout occurs

but we have got this

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