the call

he stares out the window at the birds flying free swooping merrily through the bright azure skies a chubby squirrel stares at him with its head cocked possibly wondering why the hairless is trapped in a box the conference call had been going for roughly two hours longer than was positively possibly necessary yet no […]


the sun came out today but as it shines down on the land i find myself not in the mood for sunshine or bird song the highways are filled to bursting with carbon copy cutouts of the same basic body style in angry lines with metal cups of coffee clenched in manicured fingers like a […]

mirror maze

she got out of the car at the red light with a dramatic sigh swearing she would never come back two hours later she knocked at the door shivering from the rain with remorse running like mascara down her cheeks he was already in bed long passed out from another needless fight tired of the […]

don’t sing to me

don’t sing to me of forever when your voice cracks at the thought of one day you were never a songbird just a mockingbird feigning the words i was never a captive audience just a captive trapped in your cage turn the television off i have a long day ahead and you need to plan […]


my neighbor has a parakeet that sits in a cage by the window he looks at me i look at him both of us feeling that intense need to fly somewhere far from the cages we find ourselves trapped in


i’ve been trapped in this escape room for days now no clues as to how to find the exit i’ve torn everything apart in frantic need to leave in my mind i know it is my living room but that living hasn’t occured in it for so long it is a subsisting room a room […]

trapped at homeland insecurity

trapped security guard is giving me the evil eye the work issued phone doesn’t work no ability to call for confirmation perpetually early means no proof of who i am i would laugh if it wasn’t all so situation now fucked up like always things will get better or so the ones not at the […]