the sun
came out today
but as it shines down
on the land
i find myself
not in the mood
for sunshine
or bird song

the highways are filled
to bursting
with carbon copy cutouts
of the same
basic body style
in angry lines
with metal cups
of coffee
in manicured fingers

like a glitch
in the simulation
has rendered every vehicle
from the same pool
every angry face
seems identical
so i turn the music up
listening for more loops

all the while
for an exit
into the world behind
the overlaid plastic
the one where
dorothy told me
troubles melt
like lemon drops

will i wake up tomorrow
to find my car
with another turgid turtle
of plastic
on my way to an office
of identical cubicles
where the programs
can force me
into the role
they randomly rolled

i wish the sun
would just burn out
if the only options available
are trapped and slowly dying
aware and slowly dying

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