close your eyes
little one
forget the misery
that slides
across your heart

she wore a ribbon in her hair that wiggled through the air like a snake with her every step across the field, her smile threatened to break her face in half, her eyes glittering little stars of the purest blue, taking in everything around her

hush your cries
little one
ignore the coldness
that coats
your gentle soul

she watches as the landscape changes, the sunset sending flares of purple to wash out the pinks and blues, night takes over the sky above, while sorrow takes root in her mind, nothing is as it was before as reality strikes the dreaming heart

he sat silently
as the world does
what it does
to the innocent

slowly draining hope
by drips and drabs

he cannot recall
anything less
than less than

for a frozen instance
he saw it again
in her eyes

the dreamspike
from her soul
the joy
from the open wound
to flutter
in the darkening skies

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