i’ve been trapped in this escape room for days now

no clues as to how to find the exit

i’ve torn everything apart in frantic need to leave

in my mind i know it is my living room but that living hasn’t occured in it for so long it is a subsisting room

a room of decadent mere survival

the door is there but i cannot bring my leaden legs to stand, my concrete shoes to move on deadened feet

the floor is not lava but the idea of leaving fills me with burning dread

i see the world outside

semaphorically i flash flags in an effort to signal my need

the neighbors just see the loon waving his underwear in desperation through the glass

they look the other way as i seek a clue, shield their eyes from the look of panic and insanity

lost in a goldbergian labyrinth of my own design

my name is michael david

i was once a person just like you


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