first impression of louisville

maybe it’s just me

or i’m hallucinating

but kentucky smells like eleven herbs and spices

i’m trapped at the airport

no rental car

no hotel information

bourbon is sounding really good

the girl with blue hair offered me a ride but i declined as i don’t know where i’m going

i don’t believe her intentions were all together altruistic

and i don’t believe my thoughts were all too pure

the japanese couple looks lost

in that cute old person way

just shriveled up and nonchalant

they smiled and waved at me as their son finally appeared

and now i’m trapped in an airport

getting the run-around

no car

no hotel

and so very pissed off at the world

and it smells like chicken

and i can taste that bourbon

and wish maybe i had gone with the girl with blue hair

or have just stayed home

first impressions

fuck louisville

26 thoughts on “first impression of louisville

    1. it was terrible. i made good friends there but mostly hated the city. the two things good that came from it were a tattoo and i wrote three of Notches stories there.


          1. I do understand. You make me smile a lot too.
            Flying places is one of my favorite things to do but there is always a bit of a let down when I reach my destination. My moment without a place has gone. 😔

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