chris miller loves dark tower

his jowls quivered as he clutched the glass brought it up shakily to his rage whitened lips “as an adaptation…” i turn away unable unwilling to hear the lies rotely memorized yet false things like maggots writhing on an old log “but, as a movie…” the madness fades to a soft glow of enraptured joy […]


halfway through another bottle of rye, glasses forgotten, long burning pulls, i can’t tell if i am terminally disinterested or improbably disinterred everywhere i look all i can see is the faces of the dead and dying, fireflies illuminate dead black eyes, while old white pricks scream in fancy ill fitting suits bloated flatulent corpses […]


there is a limit to being reduced to nothing by those that believe they are above you that you are beneath notice unrecognized as the same species that when the last domino falls the final insult is given there are two options retreat or retaliate a pool of blood in the middle of the night […]


it doesn’t matter to them if you are sick or just unhealthy or unstable or being treated for a condition you were born with they expect the same as they would any other pawn on the chess board to fight to die for the queen in service of the greater good but hold them to […]

(un)titled rage

take the void and all the goddamned lies of duplicitous doorknobs dangling participles undifferentiated nightshivers creeping up your spineless quivering jellyfish disassociation regress backwards with your drooling misanthropic nature hidden behind compassionate facades your eyesluts honeyed words dripping from a serpents tongue to sizzle acidicly take the void and all the goddamned lies the duplicity […]

insomniac simpleton

and still i’m awake twenty hours later and sleep won’t find me i curse the walls for their silence the ceiling for it’s allure the world for it’s indifference my mind for it’s ceaseless rambles tried begging and pleading backwards counting and offset breathing how do i shut this off this mental replay seeking fanciful […]

hitchhiker on the path less taken

slit my throat with your casual indifference, see if it makes a ripple on the ocean of ignorant purposeful misunderstandings i’ll gladly tilt my head over the railing and see if the anemic leavings attract sharks or not in a world of insignificance, these poetic meanderings are less a pathogen than ignored symptom of melodic […]


no man can build a dam the rivers cannot over take, everything has a weak point, for heaven’s sake stuctural integrity, like mental stability, like emotional dependency, like factual ascendancy every thing cracks one day it starts with the hum of dissonance let that feedback build and let the torrents swirl and let the hammer […]

myopic tripwires

i only eat monsanto, smoke eight packs a day, speed through school zones drunk, and am a master of barely restrained circle pit line dancing heel to your throat, do-si-do this mother fucker, i will allemande left hook you in the kisser i left many a partner swinging from the old cherry tree, spinning from […]

check out

beyond done furious trapped in a warehouse staring at the fucking by ceiling while everyone is out to lunch a glorified fucking gopher not learning not doing anything but grunt work starving five more hours until another fucking bowl of ramen it’s been a month since i ate different and i’m so tired of it […]

first impression of louisville

maybe it’s just me or i’m hallucinating but kentucky smells like eleven herbs and spices i’m trapped at the airport no rental car no hotel information bourbon is sounding really good the girl with blue hair offered me a ride but i declined as i don’t know where i’m going i don’t believe her intentions […]

a cranky fool

cantankerous writhing in impotent rage the footprints of a million dying dreams driven into my broken spine gnashing my teeth swinging my fists like twenty pound sledge hammers at any movement around me chewing broken glass to savor the taste of incidental ulcerous contussions feel as if i’ve been skinned and laid out as the […]

just a flawed jewel

my ex-wife isn’t a bad person just another flawed jewel like the rest of us it was as much me as it was the situation a swirling storm of unhappiness and debt and taking one another for granted i always wish her the best even if she doesn’t know it but she has the same […]

she tells lies

once when i was younger not so young as to no better but young enough not to care much either i got fired from a job it was a shitty job didn’t pay well cold calling people with pre-approved credit cards and accidental death and dismemberment insurance basically scam artisting my way out of adolescence […]

a sensual autopsy

my beautiful insanity on pubic display, my heart turned circular from all the time my mind spent in space my misfired synaptical responses from concussions and spinal infractions, the scar where my appendix once lived all marrow and sinew, detached retinas and cavernous sinus cavities in the now vacant skull, finally emptied of the words […]

bad mood, words

brandishing my fists like an outlaw with a six shooter rootin tootin bare knuckle brawler spitting blood and teeth in equal measure i don’t back down it ain’t in my dna got my ass kicked a fair number of times but i never quit never laid down and accepted defeat chipped a couple teeth with […]

who is this, words

i see my reflection in the mirror and hate it not content with horrid image bouncing back then i see myself in the window as I walk down the empty hospital corridor and don’t recognize it as the same a separation of id and ego perhaps the walking image is thin and has a nice […]

gems and venom, words

sadness is a diamond cut by a master jeweler every facet is beautiful, crafted with care, polished into a blinding gleam and lasts forever my savage anger has forged my fists into weapons capable of reducing diamond to dust sorrow no longer has a grip on me homocidal urges control my brain, my fists, my […]