gems and venom, words

sadness is a diamond cut by a master jeweler

every facet is beautiful, crafted with care, polished into a blinding gleam

and lasts forever

my savage anger has forged my fists into weapons capable of reducing diamond to dust

sorrow no longer has a grip on me

homocidal urges control my brain, my fists, my mind

hatred and burning, dripping rage

all i am

discarded and forgotten for the final time, the disease of hope has been purged from a system that had allowed it into every cell

the veins on my arms stand like cobras ready to lash

venom courses through me

a noncoagulant that causes my victims to bleed out

there is no beauty in the desolate land of unforgiving lies, no moments of rest, only the pain of internal combustion and loss

so i have made the decision to slay the jeweler before he can add a new facet to the gemstone in place of my heart

reduce him to primordial ooze, and cast the remains to the molten core of righteous fury

never again


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