it doesn’t matter to them
if you are sick
or just unhealthy
or unstable
or being treated
for a condition
you were born with

they expect the same
as they would
any other pawn
on the chess board
to fight to die
for the queen
in service of the greater good

but hold them
to the same standards
and watch them balk
in outrage
that you would dare
have the gumption
to call them on their bullshit

the machine is broken
all it takes
is for the cogs to refuse
to be ground to dust
then it all falls apart
around those that watch
from balconies 100 stories up

don’t rage impotently
against the machine
that crushes you
be the obstinate gear
that causes the entire monster
to die a death
of a thousand refusals

for every cent
that goes to the poor
a dollar goes
to the corporation
with their hand out
expectantly greedily
as your bills mount

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