insomniac simpleton

and still i’m awake

twenty hours later and sleep won’t find me

i curse the walls for their silence

the ceiling for it’s allure

the world for it’s indifference

my mind for it’s ceaseless rambles

tried begging and pleading

backwards counting and offset breathing

how do i shut this off

this mental replay

seeking fanciful solutions to impossible dreams

these rancid regurgitations of ridiculous ravings

alliterative and asinine acidic aspirations

stop it

you damned fool

stop it all

nothing is as you hope it to be and all is far worse than you see

yet still you lay in a stupefied state of somnambulistic stasis

reading the words of masterful artisans while crafting childlike clumsy sputtering nonsense

illiterate fool

oh how you dream

oh how you hope

for naught

silence this infernal chatter and bask in the warm waters of failure

your home

polluting the airwaves with this filthy clambering drivel


let the one moment of solitary quiet take your brain from these fanciful and ultimately fruitless flights of fancy

now hush

let that bastard sandman slip you a roofie from his bag of tricks and drift off into the land of nod

chloroform your ranting spirit

or i will have to take more

drastic measures


cow like a curr you insomniac riddled simpleton

now sleep

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