halfway through another bottle of rye, glasses forgotten, long burning pulls, i can’t tell if i am terminally disinterested or improbably disinterred

everywhere i look all i can see is the faces of the dead and dying, fireflies illuminate dead black eyes, while old white pricks scream in fancy ill fitting suits

bloated flatulent corpses feasting on the rotted entrails of the american dream while the dull minded swim like remoras to fetch the scraps

they scream so loudly at one another the dull retort of the firing squads taking aim at the constitution and children in cages seems dulled, muted

everything hinges on the unhinged, our cocks are on fire and the only way to extinguish the flames is with a hammer that has a bald eagle carved on it

covid built the cage around the border, a better wall that doesn’t block the view, a more cunning mousetrap for discerning vermin

it is all so empty, because in the end, the only winners are them, yet we believe we matter, we come from stardust, to stardust we shall return

but i say we take as many of those fuckers with us as we can, while the world burns around us, i am just so goddamned tired of feeling so goddamned tired

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