myopic tripwires

i only eat monsanto, smoke eight packs a day, speed through school zones drunk, and am a master of barely restrained circle pit line dancing

heel to your throat, do-si-do this mother fucker, i will allemande left hook you in the kisser

i left many a partner swinging from the old cherry tree, spinning from the heaviest branch, waiting for the dip, six feet deep, full eye contact and soft kisses on the neck

disappointment like expensive cologne, dabbed behind the ears, smells like onions and placenta, stir fried with water chestnuts and innocent tears, roasted toasted and served on a bed of whole grain lies

i am that shiver up your spine in the middle of the night, the dark thoughts that come from out of nowhere, the road rage barely concealed, middle fingers out the window, innocuous and all encompassing

only working on the Sabbath, a modern day messiah with the fashion sense of the pope’s hat maker, all subtle insecurities and penis waving bro magnon cave culture youth

tripping the tryptophan lines straight off a turkey waddle, flush with engorged lymph nodes and a misunderstanding of simple behavioral interactions

the myopic sense of random pulses and sputtering infractions, grime coated and fresh from the river bank, breathing life back into all who wash up on the shore, cannonballing for another go

the wavy lines when you close your eyes, the black stain on the wedding dress, the sudden storm during the picnic, the loss of trust when caught in yet another lie

the broken glass in the cotton candy, rat poison in your coffee, the bowl of antifreeze left out for the neighbor dog, mongrel, shitting every where, the blood in your vomit

an ulcer, an abrasion a tear in the ligament that controls that deadened right foot, big toe broken and left to heal crooked, jauntily angled to the left, crip style and painful to the touch

the broken wire in your phone charger, just enough contact to trickle charge but never enough to make it home, lost in a sea of wifi, not a signal received, bouncing off a satellite to no one

a vegan carnivore, hardcore unplugged, an empty concert hall, the broken baffle, the insignificant struggle between light and contrite, failing to contribute, redistribute and disrepute

your dream made real and microwaved, refrozen and sent to a halfway house for broken dolls, the last home for the discarded playthings and sketches of an abused orphan

ill equipped for this meandering life of lazy currents and leaking boats, a pale pail against the turning tide and jettisoned unmentioned into the captain’s chair as the reef tears the ship

a final bow from the bow, starboard stars listlessly reciting odes to the dreaming insomniac, insignias and infection, intermittent and in a constant state of indigestion

like a gentle hatefuck, loving and violently agitating, a systemic oppression, gerrymandering and molesting the constitution until it stands for nothing

a bill of fights, flights and repeated plights, and a dollop of ketchup on your well done stake right into the heart of democracy, segregated and masturbated until you see stars and are covered in stripes

we, the feeble have gathered to form a more imperfect reunion, with self hate, repugnancy and loosey goosey with truth, oh man

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