ercot and abbot are scum

an undercurrent of agitation pulls me down beneath the surface of blossoming joy everything but you is salt on an open wound this terrible too hot garbage day in traffic as the government does the same amount of fucking nothing in the name of constituents that do not exist besides as cattle i dislike being […]

a fistful of middle fingers

each and every sound has become incomprehensible distinct noises blurred a wall of ambient wailing until all i can do is fold myself up reconfigure my shape shrink into the silence inside whisper my love a mantra to keep the tears from etching themselves downdowndown my origami intangibilities i am unyielding unwilling to break call […]

vultures and swine

the vultures circle above as frustration shakes through the tension of morning bannings and customer support that equals being told to go fuck myself it is a simple manner of stolen information or companies that have forgotten that they don’t exist if not for the users they ignore we are dollar signs with no identity […]

free high fives to the face

for too long bad people have gotten away with shitty things without getting punched in the face it has encouraged them there are no consequences for their actions. it’s time to punch scumfucks again to show them that we have had enough to stand up to the bullies the liars the victimizers the villains you […]


the core of the apple has rotted through as domestic threats wrapped in falsehoods storm the capitol and i am sad as we roast the corpse of a bald eagle over the flames of the constitution burning in a dumpster what did we allow to happen in the land of the freebase home of the […]


i find that in case of a lack of candles to be lit in mourning a molotov really lights up the room


they pile on more and more then wonder why the bones snap from the weight while they sit on ivory thrones watching as the kingdom burns. it isn’t an uprising it is finally taking more than any one broken spirit can handle. i don’t drink much but a molotov sounds like it would hit the […]


havocados crushed into guacamuerte happens all the thyme split the skin carve through the flesh to find the solid pit of despair within fill the mocaljete smash it down against the rough stone until all that remains is paste blame the onion on the tears the burning rage on the jalapeno and this sense of […]

burn in hell

to hell with you your tarsoaked innuendo visceral leanings with indecent scripture covered in the grime of too many back alley dealings in the form of hypodermic wherewithal burn in hell with all the other quasi-humanoid fiends that suckle on the teat of tomorrow while ravaging the days gone in a pathetic gasp at commonality […]


hands on the wheel steadily steering off into the desolate land of plastic and steel dissonance the urge to jam down the pedal, careen off of as many of these bastards as possible direct this projectile to the heart of numbness bumper cars for the urban sports enthusiast euthanizing the carbon spewing monsters with deadly […]

the second of february

it seems the groundhog did not see his shadow didn’t get frightened by what wasn’t really there an early spring in this new winter of discontent a fond farewell to freezing to death thumbing our noses at prognosticators and science we would take the word of a rodent a giant marmot a member of the […]

hitchhiker on the path less taken

slit my throat with your casual indifference, see if it makes a ripple on the ocean of ignorant purposeful misunderstandings i’ll gladly tilt my head over the railing and see if the anemic leavings attract sharks or not in a world of insignificance, these poetic meanderings are less a pathogen than ignored symptom of melodic […]


no man can build a dam the rivers cannot over take, everything has a weak point, for heaven’s sake stuctural integrity, like mental stability, like emotional dependency, like factual ascendancy every thing cracks one day it starts with the hum of dissonance let that feedback build and let the torrents swirl and let the hammer […]

corpse blossoms

sitting alone on the roof of my car in the middle of nowhere watching as the world ends around me it wasn’t the brimstone and fires of mythos no unshackled tentacle faced creature crawled from the abyss the skies were clear with no ever growing meteor streaking down turns out the end of the world […]

death defying heretic

i felt the heat before i saw the flame, the sweat evaporating off my skin before it had time to bead up heard the whistle of the blade before i saw the flash of steel, coming for my throat in a deadly arc smelled the ozone before i heard the crackle, the purplish after image […]

myopic tripwires

i only eat monsanto, smoke eight packs a day, speed through school zones drunk, and am a master of barely restrained circle pit line dancing heel to your throat, do-si-do this mother fucker, i will allemande left hook you in the kisser i left many a partner swinging from the old cherry tree, spinning from […]

gorrila killa and lonesome singing

today’s drive was about you my unaware of my existence love masked intruder’s most beautiful girl in the world sums you up to a t it says all the things i would say to you if i could whisper in your ear who am i kidding i would sing it to you in the car […]

pot of indifference

hope is a coffee filter you fill it with burnt offering cascade tears and suckle the tainted leavings you get a facsimile of what you wanted a participation trophy a jolt of caffeinated misdirection i watch this guy sit on the starts and talk in his phone every night if he didn’t want an audience […]

the time i joined a cult again

i was on the couch thinking about a nap when the knocking started at the door i didn’t want to get up but after a few minutes of not going away i did it was her ‘i’m not home‘ i shouted over her fist banging against the wood ‘go away’ i turned to lay back […]

dirty ugly me

antiseptic, antisocial, all these detrimental disinfectants and antibacterial ointments scattered across the countertop, the harsh light bringing forth every imperfection feels like we live in a world where everyone should be in a bubble, afraid of our shadows and microbial dissidence he sat in his car, staring at the red front door across the street, […]

first impression of louisville

maybe it’s just me or i’m hallucinating but kentucky smells like eleven herbs and spices i’m trapped at the airport no rental car no hotel information bourbon is sounding really good the girl with blue hair offered me a ride but i declined as i don’t know where i’m going i don’t believe her intentions […]

a cranky fool

cantankerous writhing in impotent rage the footprints of a million dying dreams driven into my broken spine gnashing my teeth swinging my fists like twenty pound sledge hammers at any movement around me chewing broken glass to savor the taste of incidental ulcerous contussions feel as if i’ve been skinned and laid out as the […]

anxiety this mourning

anxiety filled this morning feels like angry hornets racing from my right ear to my left stinging across the inside of my skull the air is so still and heavy in here they are welding three feet away and it smells like what space is supposed to smell like burnt steak and ozone sizzling and […]

patchwork armor

it’s been said that anger is a gift then that makes me woefully regifted restricted evicted and tossed out alive if patience is a virtue i must be virtuous but virtue is a saving grace saving face facing the consequences of sequential animosity anonymous the faceless face of infinity floating ever closer yet farther away […]

unfit to shackle

another passively aggressive message searching for fresh water in the brine another plea for me to cage this piece of me to accommodate her feelings no more i apologize for opening up and that not fitting the mold of me you painstakingly made but this vortex of emotion has consumed me the worms in my […]

just a flawed jewel

my ex-wife isn’t a bad person just another flawed jewel like the rest of us it was as much me as it was the situation a swirling storm of unhappiness and debt and taking one another for granted i always wish her the best even if she doesn’t know it but she has the same […]

museum trip, words

it all started to cascade like the churning waters of the white rapids when you were a kid that trip why is that in your head indistinct drawings of stick figures and strange beasts, the flickering light of torches wash across the cave wall, the sounds of something primal, stalking, low growling bounced around the […]

traffic, words

traffic like a herd of angry lemmings all headed to the cliff edge but vying for first over the edge am i the only one who wants to live to not plummet to my fiery doom to just make it one more day for the promise of sweet lips as a reward at the end […]

bad mood, words

brandishing my fists like an outlaw with a six shooter rootin tootin bare knuckle brawler spitting blood and teeth in equal measure i don’t back down it ain’t in my dna got my ass kicked a fair number of times but i never quit never laid down and accepted defeat chipped a couple teeth with […]

sunday, words

she stood in doorway hands on her hips, nose in the air she was mad again i would say it mattered but she left me over a year ago her anger was a non factor she didn’t take that very well nor when i asked her to leave instead she started to unbutton her shirt […]

matters, words

when i was little they never said it was gonna be this way they never told me about the blues inside my head i had dreams, i had goals, there were things i wanted to do they never said it was just a long drawn out pain until you’re dead if they had been honest […]

grrr, words

left trust to rust in the warm swirl of vomit dropped the d out of dream and reamed all the feelings restitution, prostitution, the over deification of dramatis non persona look it up, i can’t be fucking bothered presumptuous consumption, courageous corrosion rectifed the partial lies until the cellular make up was mud clear issuance […]

pacing, words

the sun is beaming down but the chill maintains the hold on the room the bright light pisses me off no reason just does irritable from the chaos that started the day aggravated by the lack of sleep disturbed as the dividends still haven’t acrued so i snarl at the sun got groceries for the […]

who is this again, words

my phone rang and i nearly dropped my cup of coffee onto my lap not sure which would have been more painful, the loss of the black liquid or the burnt balls probably having to clean the mess no need for another stain goddess knows i carry enough of them for a hundred failed dreamers […]

bumper, words

driving down the highway my middle finger a battering ram against the ignorance of little dicks in oversized diesel over compensators serpents in the high grass venomous camoflauged snakes coiled in the shape of hearts adrenaline spiked and cold blooded strikes if it weren’t for the small raw spot in the center of this wind […]

cage, words

squinting the tired spinning from my mind as i get dressed the howl of words whipping up a frothy frenzy as i attempt to close the cage it is like if you have a day off and do not nothing it is fine but if you have a day off and cannot do anything it […]

one man circle pit, words

angry guitars wail a snide voice, whiny and prophetic snarls about the government, or organized religion maybe it is a love song i stopped paying attention five or six songs ago really paying attention my toes still tap along to the staccato drum breaks the bass line travels up and down my spine late seventies […]

fuck you, love me, words

opened the door this evening and found a battered package sitting outside no return address, just my name ransom note style in cutout letters from a magazine inside was my heart, a note attached by a nail piercing the right ventrical it said thanks but no thanks, i recognized your arts and craft style i […]